How many iron sheets do I need for a 3 bedroom house in Kenya?


The number of iron sheets you need for a three bedroom house range between 70 and 100 depending on the type of roof you have. You will buy 3m long iron sheets,2.5m iron sheets and 2m iron sheets. Both will be used in the roof. A complicated roof will consume even 120 iron sheets in total while a simple roof will consume 70 iron sheets.For a Mansion,you will use 50 to 80 iron sheets.

When designing a roof, you will have to instruct your architect to come up with one that does not consume a lot of iron sheets, one that does not have alot of wastage.

The pitched roof, same as those in Tanzania will consume more iron sheet, but a simple roof, one that is very low will consume less iron sheets. There is also a flat roof with iron sheets. This one can consume even 40 iron sheets. One reason why most Kenyans nowadays prefer flat roofs is because it’s cheaper than the pitched roof.

The design of the house determines the number of iron sheets a roof can take. The simpler the design, the lower the number of iron sheets.The size of the house is also another factor.A Bungalow will take more iron sheets than a mansion.

There are also companies which manufacture iron sheets that are not wide enough. You will buy 70 iron sheets from that company which are equivalent to 60 iron sheets from accompany with standard iron sheets. The substandard iron sheets are usually cheap but they will be more in numbers, thus becoming as expensive as the standard iron sheets. Companies like MRM may be expensive but their iron sheets are wide, you will require less for a 3 bedroom house.


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