Best Business Loans in Kenya without Security for startups and established businesses


Most Kenyans don’t have assets to use as collateral, they want to get loans without security. There are several banks and financial institutions offering loans without collateral for business. Here is the list:

—-National Bank

SME Business Loans

What the bank Needs From You*

  • Demonstrate your ability to repay the loan
  • Demonstrate that you have a minimum of two (2) years in business
  • Credit Life Insurance against death & permanent disability

Loan Rates & Fees*

  • Interest rate – 13%
  • Negotiation fee 3%
  • Maximum repayment period of 12 months

—-Kingdom Bank

Unsecured Business Loan

It is a loan facility that provides the working capital for business operations and expansion. It is suitable for retailers, distributors, wholesalers, hardware shops etc.


  • Unsecured loan of up to Kes 3,000,000
  • Business stock can be used as security
  • Free LNM & KB M-collection linkage
  • Consideration of the other banks’ statements, where applicable
  • Business registration documents


Pesapal Credit provides you with a seamless, affordable, and convenient way to finance your business. Access working capital loans in minutes, without collateral, paperwork, or hidden fees!

  • Access unsecured loans
  • Instant digital approval and disbursement
  • Flexible repayment terms

—-UBA Bank

Unsecured Short Term Overdraft

Manage your day to day cash flow, unexpected business expenses and working capital with a flexible short term facility that gives you increased liquidity, allowing you to run your business smoothly

Benefits and Features

  • Features
    • Maximum limit of KES 2 Million
    • Maximum repayment period of 30 days
    • No security required
    • Quick cash flow solution for your business
    • No security required
    • Fast approval process
    • Minimum documentation required
    • Be a UBA account holder for 1 month
    • 12 months certified bank statements


Business Loans

Asset Financing

This is a loan facility for both existing and new clients to acquire tangible asset for business efficiency and commercial use. They include farm asset financing, livestock fattening, livestock trade, motor vehicles, motorbikes, tuktuk, plant and machinery, tractors, specialized equipment, office equipment, contractor equipment, water pipes etc.


  • Financing up to 100%
  • Wide range of assets can be financed
  • Asset becomes part of the security


  • 2 guarantors
  • Flexible collaterals


  • Micro loan – Kes. 5,000 – 30,000
  • Micro loan – Kes. 31,000 – 300,000
  • SGB loan – Kes. 301,000 – 2.5 million


  • Simple documentation requirements
  • Fast processing
  • Flexible collateral
  • Affordable interest rate
  • Flexible repayment period

—-ABSA Bank

Business loan

Benefits of this account

  • Unsecured LPO Financing of up to KES 12M
  • Unsecured Invoice Discounting of up to KES 50M
  • Unsecured Bid Bonds of up to KES 6M
  • Unsecured loans of KES 6M with up to 60 months repayment period
  • Secured loans of up to 10 years repayment period
  • Choose between variable or fixed interest rate – we give you a choice of three interest rate types to suit your business
  • Flexible repayment options with a choice of principal and interest or interest only are available

Requirements for this account

  • The business must be in existence for 3 years and above
  • The minimum facility amount is KES100,000.

Documents required

Limited companies

  • Certificate of incorporation or certificate of compliance if not locally incorporated
  • Memorandum and articles of association/CR8, CR12
  • Company PIN certificate
  • National identification card (for Kenyan citizens)/Passport (for foreigners) for all directors (plus ultimate beneficiary owners if company is owned by other companies) and signatories/known agents
  • 1 passport-size photo each for all the signatories and directors/known agents
  • Board resolution specifying the signing powers on the company letter head sealed with the company seal
  • Signed Absa account opening pack (sealed )
  • Residential address confirmation (name estate, road and house number) for all directors and signatories (use the attached format)
  • Company physical address confirmation (can be found in the new PIN certificates)
  • Annual returns (for companies registered over one year ago)
  • Revenue stamp – KES100

Sole proprietors

  • Certificate of registration
  • National identification card (for Kenyan citizens) / Passport (Non Kenyans) 1 passport size photo
  • Signed Absa account opening pack ( sealed )
  • Residential address confirmation ( name estate, road and house number) for all directors and signatories (use the attached format)
  • Company physical address confirmation
  • Personal return
  • Revenue stamp – KES100

—-Family Bank

Biashara Boost Loan

Biashara Boost Loan is specially designed for micro-businesses that require funds to expand their existing business line(s) profitably. The product gives you access to financing of up-to Kes. 5 Million with eligibility to top-up existing loans making use of flexible collaterals and enjoying flexible repayment periods of up to 36 months.


  • Borrow flexible amounts ranging from Kes. 5,000 to Kes. 5 Million
  • Flexible repayment period of up-to 36 months
  • Eligibility to top-up existing loans


  • Flexible security requirement
  • Fast loan processing


  • A 6-months banking relationship with Family Bank
  • New customers from other financial institutions are also eligible
  • Business MUST have been operational for at least twelve (12) months
  • Ability to repay the loan MUST be clearly demonstrated

—-Equity Bank

Micro Business Loans

This is a niche product, targeting the youth, who comprise the majority of the population, seeking to empower them with the tools and resources they need to create and grow businesses.

Great features

  1. It identifies and prepares new business markets.
  2. It provides the youth with a savings vehicle through which they can access a variety of financial services.
  3. It’s tailor-made to meet specific needs of the youth.
  4. We have developed a system of business appraisals to determine the youth credit needs.
  5. It includes business training and advisory services that will respond to the growing population.

Additionally Why you should sign up for this product

  1. It offers a savings vehicle and tailored loans for working capital, purchase of fixed assets (for business) and business premises improvement.
  2. It provides financing for projects to do with agriculture such as dairy and horticulture.
  3. The loan is available to all youth (18-35 years) who are Equity Bank account holders.

—-KCB Bank

SME Term Loans

Choose between a secured or unsecured loan up to Kes. 250 Million, payable over flexible repayment periods, giving you access to financing to drive your business current and long-term goals.

What the bank needs from you

  • Breakdown of total project cost and financing plan
  • Audited Accounts for the last 3 years for amounts above Kes. 5 Million

—-ASA International

Small business loan

This loan product is designed for those who already have a business and need access to working capital or to capital for expanding their business, but cannot be enrolled in the Small Loan Program or want to be graduated from the Small Loan program. The product supports both women and men with small and medium scaled businesses

Key Features

Member Admission feesApplicable
Loan Processing FeesApplicable
Frequency of meetingNo Meeting
Cash Collateral against principal loanApplicable
Interest of savingsNot Applicable
Type of loan productSmall Business Loan to Individual (both male & female)
Loan size (1st cycle)KSH 100,000
Loan duration5 months and 10 months
1st loan disbursementAfter one week
Loan increment each cycleKSH 30,000
Service charge/Interest RateApplicable
Mode of repaymentWeekly/Monthly
1st installmentAfter one week/After one Month
Number of installment20 weeks / 5 months or 40 weeks / 10 months
Installment5 months weekly/monthly OR 10 months weekly/monthly
Loan insurance/risk premiumApplicable
Risk coverLOP will be written-off in case of borrower death
Advance installmentNot applicable if it is monthly for 5 months


Business Loans

Financing people to support their own businesses

Fact Sheet


  • Amount – 5k – 140k
  • Duration – 3 – 12 months
  • Registration fee – Free
  • Upfront fee – 4%
  • Loan cycle – Entry loan
  • Eligibility – Business has been in operation for at least 6 months


  • Amount – 100k – 500k
  • Duration – 3 – 24 months
  • Registration fee – Free
  • Upfront fee – 4%
  • Loan cycle – Entry loan
  • Eligibility – Business has been in operation for at least 1 year


  • Amount – 100k – 3m
  • Duration – 3 – 36 months
  • Registration fee – Free
  • Upfront fee – 4%
  • Loan cycle – Entry loan
  • Eligibility – Business has been in operation for at least 1 year

Loan Products

  • Nawiri Loan
  • Stawi loan
  • Shujaa loan

Bimas Kenya

—-Biashara Loans (SME)

Biashara loans are available to businesses and individuals in business who need to finance expansion or diversify their business assets. In the changing economic climate, business loans can help strengthen your financial stability during lean periods. By registering as a member of Bimas, we assure to finance you upto Kes.1000,000 to ensure we boost your business and achieve the best out of it.


1. Loan amounts are tailored to fit your business needs

2. Flexible Collateral requirements

3. Flexible repayment terms

4. You can get loan upto Kes. 1000,000


1. Must be in legal business activity

2. Have business permit and pin certificate where necessary

3. In case of a company, certificate of incorporation is needed

4. Six months bank statement/MPESA statement

SBM Bank

SBM Unsecured MSME Loan Requirements

Eligibility / Documents Required
• Applicant must have an active bank account with SBM for at least 1 year
• Business needs to have been operational for the past 3 years at least
• Business must demonstrate stable cash flows
• Monthly turnover for the business should not have declined by more than 25% in the preceding 90 days
• Businesses in trading sectors should not have NIL banking in any given month over the preceding 12months
• Applicant should have credit life insurance

—-Bank of Africa Kenya

SME Biashara Loan

This is a short to medium term loan granted to customers to finance Expansion and the growth of their business i.e. working capital and business expansion

Target Market

We target Small and Medium enterprises operating in: – Transport, Trade and Commerce, Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Health & other services sector.

Value range

Minimum kes100,000 – Maximum based on client ability to pay

Product features

  • Secured by a combination of any acceptable tangible securities such as title deeds, log books, listed shares, cash cover etc.
  • Interest rate as per CBK regulation
  • Interest rate calculation payable in arrears on reducing balance or flat rate
  • Method of loan repayment either EMI or as per the customer cash flows.
  • Loan advanced both in Kenya shilling and foreign currency
  • Overdraft limit to be advanced for a maximum period of one year renewable
  • Trade loans i.e. invoice discounting, LPO, contract financing, certificate financing to be advanced for a maximum period of one year

Credit Conditions

  • 12 months bank statement with Maximum EMI(Equated Monthly instalment) of 30% of MACAT(monthly Average Credit Account Turnovers)
  • Provide documentary evidence of at least three year experience in the line of business
  • Good credit history
  • For limited companies Specific debenture over the asset being purchased

Eligibility Items

  • KYC documents i.e. directors ID and PIN, Company PIN, MEMART and certificate of registration
  • Business records
  • Copy of security
  • Dully completed loan application as per account mandate and appraisal form, resolution to borrow.
  • Current Valuation Report from bank’s authorized valuers is required for used motor vehicles
  • Complete security perfection after the approval.
  • Detailed call report including photos and sketch maps

—–Sumac Microfinance Bank

Business Loan

Loan Purpose

This is a loan product for entrepreneurs with existing businesses who require a reliable loan facility to boost their businesses. It acts as a working capital, and is one of our flagship products at Sumac.

This loan facility is easily accessible. The following are key features that define this product:

Loan Size:

Ksh50,000 – Ksh10 million

Security & Collateral:

  • Title deeds, Log books, Shares or Fixed Deposits
  • Third party security arrangement is applicable

Grace Period:

  1 month

Access Requirements

  • 6 months Certified bank statement
  • Licenses and necessary permits
  • Business Registration Certificates where applicable
  • Sketch Map Area of Residence and business premises
  • ID and PIN copies of business owners & Company directors
  • Copy of company PIN and Certificate of Registration for companies
  • Copy of VAT Certificate where applicable
  • Resolution to borrow for partnerships and companies
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association for companies
  • Current tax and company returns
  • Copy of utility bills i.e. water and or electricity
  • Evidence of business i.e. contracts, receipts of business transactions etc
  • 2 passport size photos

Processing Time:

48 hrs

—Safaricom Business Loan

M-PESA Business Loan

Business Loan is a loan product offered by Safaricom in partnership with Asante. It offers a 1, 7 & 21-day loan facility for the Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods Partners (Business till).

  • The loan amount ranges between Kshs.100 to Ksh.200,000.
  • Asante is a fintech company offering financial services to our Lipa na M-PESA merchants in partnership with Safaricom.


The business loan has the following benefits;

  • Keeping merchants’ businesses open and afloat.
  • Quick and easy access to affordable credit to complete transactions.
  • Growth of merchant networks.
  • Seamless payments among merchants.


  • All Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods Merchants who settle funds collected in their M-PESA tills to their MPESA account and have activated the Business till functionality.
  • Till must have been active on LNM for a minimum of 3 months (90 Days)
  • Merchant will use their nominated numbers to access the service.
  • A merchant can only apply for one loan or one till per store at a time.
  • Only active tills are eligible

The loan amount ranges between Kshs.100 to Ksh.200,000.

—Mobile Apps

If you want loan of up to Ksh 50, 000,get it from mobile Apps.As long as your name is not listed on CRB,you will get the loan


Saccos are also the best places to get a loan for your business. Join one of the Saccos in Kenya,buy shares and take a loan against the shares. You can also save money and take a loan 4 times your savings.


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