Best investments that will generate income while you are asleep (2024)


There are investments you can do in 2024 that will generate income even when asleep. Though there are over 1000 ways to make money while asleep,some of the ways do not generate enough income. But the list below has a couple of options that can easily make you a millionaire.

—Unit Trusts

Unit Trusts are offered by Insurance companies and banks. You can invest as little as $10 and earn up to 20% interest on your investments.

You are not the one managing your cash, once you invest it, the company will re-invest in high yield investments and share the profit with you. The money is invested in bonds, shares, real estate and money market.


Bonds are offered by private institutions and governments. They require huge amount of capital. But the interest is high. These are investments you make and wait for at least 5 years for them to mature. The interest is usually above 10%.

Assuming that you invest $10, 000,you will end up earning over $4,000 in 3-5 years.


Identify companies which are profitable and invest in their shares. Most of them are listed in the stock market. You can also invest in Saccos and private institutions that offer share options.

You should be careful when investing in shares because some companies might sink with your money. If you invest wisely, you will definitely earn good dividends annually.

—-Run YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel, post videos and grow it by getting subscriptions. If you get 500 subscribers and over 4,000 watch hours, apply to monetize through AdSense.

The more subscribers you get, the more money you earn as a result of views. If your channel gets 1 million views, you’ll be guaranteed income of above $2000.

YouTube will generate money for you while asleep as long as it has quite a number of videos that attract traffic.

—-Save in Fixed Deposit Account

Fixed Deposit account is among savings accounts to open in a bank. Its interest rate is usually higher than interest for other accounts. Once your money is saved in this account, you are sure of earning interest. Banks pay interest from 3% per year. Some banks can pay as high as 18% per year if their investments are good. The money you save in fixed account is used to give loans to members, invest in money market, bonds, treasury bills. Their interest is always higher than 10%.So even if they pay you 6%,the bank will still make profit.

The more the money you save, the higher the interest. For instance, if you save $1 million, the bank will negotiate with you, ending up getting interest of 8%-10%.But you aren’t allowed to withdraw the money so soon.

—-Build rental houses

If your capital is high, build rental apartments. The income will feed you for the rest of your life. Once the apartments are complete, let an agency deal with managing them. Your work will be to go to the bank and check the balance.


Blogging is another way of making money while asleep. Create useful content that resonate well with your audience. Link your blog with AdSense and other sources of income. There is a point your blog will reach, especially once you have posted thousands of articles, it will generate income even if you don’t post extra content.

Creating a blog costs $50 to $20.You need a reliable web hosting provider and WordPress premium template.

—Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an ideal source of passive income. If you choose the best affiliate programs with recurring income, you will earn money while asleep.

Affiliate marketing can be done through social media, sharing links on your blog or by doing reviews for the products associated with the company.

Most of them pay CPA, RevShare or Cost per lead. The commissions are always high. Some programs pay even 50% of the cost of a product.

—-Cryptocurrency trading

Invest in cryptocurrency and earn crazy income through sales. You can buy cryptocurrency for $1000 today and after 3 months, sell the same for $10,000.Once you buy them,your work is to sit back and relax, wait for the price to go high and sell at a profit.

—–Mobile loan App

Create a mobile loan App and earn interest from people taking the loans. All you need in this business is to register the App with the authority and to ensure there is enough money to borrow.Emply mechanisms to recover the loan plus interest.

—-SEO Tools

Create SEO tools and let your clients subscribe to get the services. You can create a tool for getting email subscriptions, keyword search and monitoring traffic for other sites.

—–Airbnb business

You can also rent out your house or start Airbnb business. If you rent out your house, the client will be paying you money every month. Yours is to sleep and wait until end month to demand the cash from the tenant.

Airbnb is also ideal business to generate income for you while asleep.


Write eBook and list them in platforms like Amazon. You will get paid once the book is purchased.The more purchases you get,the more money you earn.

Alternatively, create courses and list them in websites like Udemy.Those pursing the courses will pay to get the knowledge.

—-Rent your car

If you have a car that you are not using, rent it out and earn money. You can convert into online taxi business car or for car hire.

—-Provide parking space

Provide parking space in case you have sizeable land that you are not using for other purpose. This is the best way to make use of the land as you decide on how to develop it.

—–Buy land for speculation

Another way to make money while asleep is to buy land for speculation. Buy as many pieces of land as possible then sell them later at a profit. You will be making money as you sleep unknowingly.


Annuities will pay you money after retirement. You will be earning money every month until you die. This is one of the best ways to make money while asleep. Invest in annuities before retirement such that when you retire, you will be earning regular income until your sunset years. There are also annuities which pay lump sum amount. Once you retire, the money accumulated plus interest is paid for you once.


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