How to know that you are getting broke, you’re transitioning from wealthy to poverty


If you have enjoyed being rich, swimming in money and living affluently, one day you might become poor. When dropping from glory, there will be clear signs. Below we reveal some of the signs to watch out so as to prepare for your downfall:

  • When friends and family members start avoiding you

When starting to struggle financially, friends and family members will notice and start avoiding you. People are clever, they align themselves with someone who is winning. The moment you see them avoiding your company, know that the future is not bright.

  • When women avoid you

When doing well women will easily come, you will easily win them. But as you start getting broke, they will notice your downfall and start avoiding you. Even those women who used to reply your messages promptly will start blue ticking you. This is one sign that things won’t be good any time soon. You are going to face a financial disaster.

  • You start having bad dreams

There are bad dreams associated with poverty such as falling from the top to the bottom of a hole, falling into a well, dreaming about snakes, dreaming about donkeys, dreaming being naked. After the dream, you wake up scared and worried. When such dreams dominate your sleep, then there are high chances poverty is knocking your door.

  • When you start struggling to pay common bills

You were easily paying bills but now you are struggling to pay even electricity bills. Those bills were non-issue in the past because money was in plenty.

  • When your pillars in life start dying

When your parent who was praying for you constantly die, when people who used to support your business die or move elsewhere, when those who used to give you favours or business stop.

You find that there is someone who used to offer you tenders and that is the person you relied case they stop or cease to be in that position, you start struggling.

  • When you constantly lose sleep at night from 12 am to 3 am

Losing sleep is one of the signs that there is something wrong in your life. The worst times to lose sleep are from 12 am to 3 am. These are the hours you should be dead as sleep. You realize that during these hours, you are awake and alert. This signals that you will not be doing well or something terrible will happen.

  • When most people in your family start suffering from chronic and terminal illness

Chronic and terminal illnesses can completely exhaust your bank accounts. If all along you have been doing well financially and all of a sudden people, including you, start suffering from chronic sickness, there are clear signs your future is blurred.

  • When your items start getting auctions

The moment you see your items getting auctioned, prepare for a long spell of poverty. It’s a clear sign that your standards are declining

  • When you get misfortunes in quick succession

God will try to communicate with you in a strange way. You come from work and find your house broken into. While driving, your car’s tire bursts, your child was playing, he breaks his leg. While at work, you accidentally break your boss’ laptop. All these things happening at the same time. It’s a indication that things aren’t going to get better.


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