Where to buy the best, new and genuine laptops in Nairobi


When buying a laptop in Nairobi, make sure you go for genuine one. Some shops sell stolen laptops such that when you go to buy, the owner later comes to claim it. But there are a couple of known places where to buy genuine laptops from, the list is as follows:

  • Safaricom shop

Go to the main Safaricom shop and buy a laptop from there. You will get brand new laptop. Though the laptops are slightly expensive than in places like Jumia, you will be 100% sure that they are genuine.

  • Jumia

More than 99% of the laptops sold at Jumia are 100% accurate. In Nairobi, you an order a laptop through Jumia website and get it delivered to you. Jumia laptops are cheaper than laptops sold by most shops in Nairobi.

  • Biashara Street

Most of the laptop shops along Biashara Street are sold by the Somali.Go to any shop at Biashara Street which is owned by a Somali and you will get a genuine laptop. Ensure it’s not a refurbished laptop.

  • Nairobi Computer Shop

Another best place for a genuine laptop is Nairobi Computer Shop. Their laptops are 10%-20% cheaper than those sold in other shops. The company has a well functional website where to order your laptops. They sell all brands of laptops.

  • Shopit

Shopit is located at the Stanley along Standard Street. It’s one of the best shops for laptops and smartphones in Nairobi. There are cheap HP, Lenovo, Asus and other laptops in the shop.

In case you are unable to visit the place, order the laptop online through the company’s website.

  • HP Shop

HP has a shop in Nairobi’s Westland area. If you need a genuine brand new laptop, visit the shop. Alternatively, order from their website online.

HP is among the best laptop brands in Kenya. If your target is to buy HP, then don’t go far, buy from this shop.

  • Smart Buy

Smart Buy is a popular shop for cheap laptops in Nairobi. You can get a laptop here for as low as Ksh 15,000.

  • Digital Store Kenya

There are no cases of complaints from Kenyans regarding Digital Store Kenya. This is one of the best online stores in Nairobi. Their laptops are cheap and genuine.

Those are the places where to get the most genuine laptops in Nairobi.

There are also other shops but when buying from there, make sure it’s a brand new laptop. You should be given a Warranty and receipt.


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