How it’s hard to find a house to rent in UK—testimony


A lady has narrated how it was almost impossible to get a house to rent in UK.Here is what she went through:

“How long did it take you to secure a proper accommodation in the UK?

By this time last year I had started house hunting full time and trust me it wasn’t funny. I used to hear people say getting a house in the Uk is an uphill task but I took it lightly.

I have gone for house viewing where people stand in queue to view the house and at the end of the day only one person will end up getting the house. Some people try to lobby the house agents so they can be favored but I wish it works like that. No be Naija

One agent once told me that I was the first person to indicate interest in a property and that they are waiting for more applications before they can start considering people. I just lost hope.

Do we talk about some of the criteria/requirements that you should have before you’re able to rent a house. At one of the viewings, the agent asked me for my Share Code. Na so I open mouth 👄. I say pardon. She said: Do you have your right to rent share code?

Me: Yes. I will make it available to you.

At that point I didn’t know what share code  was but I had so much trust in my dear friend ‘GOOGLE’ 😁. Eventually I didn’t get the house because they said they needed someone within a particular Annual Salary range. E no easy.

I searched sotee I lose hope. I had my money  ready to pay up to six months in advance. I had guarantors who were ready to stand in for me. Yet it was difficult.

One thing I was grateful for was coming to the Uk alone first without my family. Imagine if I had come with my kids at that time. During winter for that matter. Frustration would have sent me back to Naija 😂

(This is my favorite spot when taking pictures in front of my house)🤗

Share your experiences so we can learn.

What have you heard about getting a house in the UK?


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