• 505 scholars will embark on a six-month paid internship at Equity Bank branches across the Country.
  • Since its inception, the program has supported 23,825 scholars in local and global Universities, with 8,878, from Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, benefiting from paid internships.

NAIROBI, 19th February 2024, Kenya– Equity Group Foundation (EGF) has admitted 505 scholars, from 225 secondary schools from all 47 counties, into the 26th cohort of the Equity Leaders Program (ELP). The cohort which was selected from the best performing students in 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations, Wings to Fly program and Elimu scholarship beneficiaries, were onboarded following a comprehensive two-week induction and training program. Of the 505 scholars, 104 were Wings to Fly and 186 Elimu Scholars who scored an A and A minus while the remaining 215 were top national and sub-county students who scored an A. 

The induction facilitated their interaction with leaders from various industries, including the Equity Group leadership team, covering crucial topics such as leadership, personal growth, and community development, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. 

Equity Leaders Program, a flagship initiative under the Equity Group Foundation’s (EGF) Education and Leadership Development pillar, is committed to empowering academically talented youth. Currently operational in the DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, the program focuses on nurturing promising scholars through intensive mentorship and leadership exposure. It aims to foster their personal and professional development, encourage innovation, and promote community engagement. 

Established in 1998, ELP is a robust leadership development initiative designed for exemplary academic performing students. Its primary aim is to cultivate a network of transformative leaders who collaborate across borders and sectors, contributing to Africa’s sustainable economic and social progress. 

The newly inducted scholars will undertake a six-month paid internship at Equity Bank branches across the country, receiving monthly stipends totaling Ksh. 121.2 million by the end of the internship. To enable the scholars to have a smooth transition to university part of the monthly stipend is saved and released to them at the time of joining university. During the internship, the scholars gain practical experience and mentorship across various departments they work in. They continue to receive mentorship and coaching throughout their university studies. 

Speaking at the scholar commissioning event, Dr. James Mwangi, Group Managing Director and CEO of Equity Group Holdings, and Executive Chairman of EGF, encouraged the scholars to strive and go beyond the ordinary. He emphasized the importance of leveraging their academic success to become catalysts for positive change, starting from their communities and expanding outward.

“You are embarking on a shared journey with other talented Kenyans in your age group. This network will prove to be your greatest asset in your career and your life, as it will produce future captains of industry, business leaders, public servants, and leaders in other sectors.”

Since its inception, the program has supported 23,825 scholars studying in local and global universities, with 8,878, from Kenya, Uganda, DRC and Rwanda, benefiting from paid internships. Notably, 891 scholars have secured fully funded scholarships at 199 prestigious universities across 36 countries, including Ivy League institutions like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Cornell universities in the USA. 

The Equity Leaders Program is designed to empower academically gifted scholars by facilitating their access to education in universities both locally and globally, while also nurturing their leadership skills. 

ELP Scholars who pursue medicine and gain the necessary experience have been supported by EGF to establish Equity Afia medical centres, expanding access to affordable, quality healthcare. To date, Equity Afia has successfully launched 102 facilities nationwide. 

To further promote enterprise and provide solutions to various socio-economic challenges facing the continent, EGF has also created a network for ELP alumni in the enterprise and innovations space and has been supporting them to set-up and grow their businesses. Success stories of various ventures reflect EGF’s commitment to fostering a new generation of African entrepreneurs and innovators, proving that investment in education is a powerful tool for continental and global betterment.  

About the Equity Leaders Program 

The Equity Leaders Program was founded in 1998 and has scaled up over time to benefit 23,825 scholars. The paid internship component of the Equity Leaders Program admits the top performing students in national exams in Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, as well as Wings to Fly and Elimu scholars. The program aims at empowering young academically gifted scholars by supporting their access to education in public universities in the specific Countries and around the globe, as well as equipping them with leadership skills.

The leadership development model seeks to develop scholars in four program areas: personal and professional development; global exposure; creativity & innovation; and community engagement. Scholars in the paid internship program have an opportunity to join the College Counselling Program to receive coaching and mentorship on how to apply to and secure admissions in leading global institutions. For those who study locally, they join ELP University Chapters that provide them an opportunity to continue being in a network and further hone their leadership and personal development. They continue to serve as mentors to their younger ‘siblings’ in the Wings to Fly and Elimu programs in secondary schools.

About Equity Group Foundation 

Equity Group Foundation (EGF), the corporate implementing foundation of Equity Group Holdings Plc, has as its mission to champion the transformation of lives and livelihoods for 100 million people in Africa by 2030 through the design and implementation of innovative programs that leverage Equity Group’s infrastructure and partnerships to create shared value. Established in 2008 as the Group’s social engine, the Foundation delivers economic opportunities, capacity, tools, and technologies that enable individuals and businesses to increase productivity, resilience and share in socio-economic growth. EGF responds to the continuum of issues that challenge the socio-economic advancement of the people of Africa, especially low-income individuals, and families. EGF’s Creating Shared Value [CSV] strategy provides social development initiatives in Education and Leadership Development, Food and Agriculture, Health, Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship Development, Energy and Environment and Social Protections for the most vulnerable citizens. EGF’s programs are underpinned by technology, innovation, and synergy as a central means to launch, nurture, and scale up Africa’s next generation of successful leaders and entrepreneurs delivered to all communities in which Equity has operations.


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