Where can I get a quick loan of Ksh 150,000 in Kenya


If you want emergency loan of Ksh 150,000 in Kenya, there are banks, mobile loan apps and Saccos which can give you the loan. Below are some of the best institutions to get the loan of Ksh 150k in Kenya:

—–Prime Bank Mobile loan


Borrowing amounts

  • From KShs. 5,000 to KShs. 150,000


  • 30, 60 and 90 days.

Pricing applicable on amount of loan granted

  • Processing fee – 5%
  • Interest rate – 11% per annum
  • Insurance – 0.5%
  • Excise duty – 20% of processing fee


  • Check loan amount eligible
  • Request loan
  • Instant loan disbursement
  • Flexible payment terms (partial payment allowed)
  • Gradual increase in loan amount eligible based on demonstrated prompt loan repayment
  • Check loan balance
  • Check loan statement


  • Active account with Prime Bank for at least 3 months


  • Go to Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and update PrimeMobi.
  • Login to PrimeMobi app.
  • Click on PrimeKopa on the home screen.
  • Check loan amount you are eligible for.
  • Request for a loan.

—–Amref Sacco

Emergency Loan

Amref gives emergency loan of up to Ksh 150,000 direct to your mobile phone.

• Maximum amount: 3.5 times member’s deposits.
• Maximum repayment period – 12 months.
• Interest charged- 1% p.m. on a reducing balance.
• Loans security accepted – guarantors.
• Loans of KSh 50,000 and less – Granted without supporting document.
• Loans exceeding KSh 50,000 – Applicant will be required to provide proof of the emergency.
• Loan amounts of KSh 150,000 and below are disbursed through M-Pesa.

External Lumpsum Deposits Waiting Periods

A member who wishes to top up a lump sum amount to their member deposits account with the intention of borrowing a loan will be subject to the following waiting periods:

500,000 and belowZero waiting period
500,001 to 2 Million30 days
Above 2 Million60 days

—–Hazina Sacco

Tech Loan

Loan product for acquisition of telecommunications products (Laptops, mobile phones and tablets) from any dealer. 

  • Loan limit is 50% of deposits or Kshs. 150,000/= whichever is lower
  • Interest rate- 0.8% on reducing balance
  • Repayment period – 12 months

Tech Loan Application Process:

  1. Member visits a dealer and identifies the desired device (Laptops, mobile phones and tablets).
  2. The dealer issues member with a proforma invoice indicating the identified device and the respective retail price.
  3. Member fills the SACCO loan application form in the usual manner and attaches the proforma invoice.
  4. Loan is appraised and processed in the usual manner.
  5. Payment is made to the dealer.
  6. Member is contacted by the dealer giving details on collection of the device. The member will be identified using the original National ID.

Requirements for Loan Application

  • Members are required to be familiar with the Society’s current Loan Policy.
  • Dully filled loan application form.
  • Attach one original current pay-slip (not more than two months old to the date of application) A copy of National ID Card showing both sides. All loans must be secured by guarantors or collateral Private members to use own deposits for guarantor ship of up to 95%.

—-Cooperative Bank

Personal Loan

Open an account at Cooperative Bank and get a personal loan where you’re not required to prove that you have a salary.You will get a loan of up to Ksh 8,000,000.


  • Minimum loan amount of Ksh 50,000
  • Maximum loan amount of Ksh 8,000,000
  • Maximum term of up to 96 months
  • Purposes to be covered include education, medical, furniture, consumer durables, motor vehicles, plot purchase, holidays and shares
  • Applications to be appraised using credit scoring
  • Applications appraised within 48 hours


  • Employed individuals or individuals with a regular income
  • Original National Identity Card and a copy
  • No specific minimum net salary is required
  • Salary pay slips for the last 3 months
  • Filled in loan application form
  • Copy of KRA PIN

—-Teleposta Sacco

Reloaded Plus Loan

The facility will be available to all FOSA account holders except holders of children accounts.


  • Granted to both salary and non salaried account holders
  • Recovery period is a maximum of 12 months
  • Maximum amount is KSh 150,000
  • Guaranteed by sacco members
  • Waiting period is 24hours subject to availability of funds

—Home Business Sacco

Emergency loan (Express loan)

  • Period 1-5 months
  • Issued equivalent to shares
  • Amount 10,000-150,000

—KCB Bank Mobile Loan

KCB Bank offers quick mobile loan of Ksh 1001 to Ksh 300,000. The loan tenors shall be 1-day, 7-day,14-day, 30-day, 90-day, 180-day, and 12 months.Once you have an account at KCB you are eligible for this quick loan.

—-Kenya Highlands Sacco

Micro Credit Loan


1.Available Group members only
2.Four(4) times the savings with the Society but subject to ability to repay
3.Interest of 12% pa
4.Repayable in 12 months & for loan above 50,000 24 months
5.1% appraisal fee
6.Kes 200 risk Management Fee for loans less that Kes 20,000 and 1% for loans above Kes 20,000
7.Loan repaid monthly
8.One month grace period
9.Max. ksh.150,000
10.Max for the first loan 20,000


1.Groups of 10-20 members
2.Group must save for 2 months
3.All group members savings guarantee the individual members loan
4.minimum contribution of deposit is ksh. 200 per month


The loans are up to Ksh 300,000.

Mwananchi Credit also offers a loan of up to Ksh 150,000 but I will not encourage you to take the loan because their interest can shoot to above 100%.

—Reli Sacco

Super Advance Loan

Qualifications & Features

  • Allowed amount is between kshs. 60,000/= and ksh.150,000/=
  • Based on one’s basic salary
  • Repayment period of 12 months maximum
  • Must be guaranteed by 2 guarantors
  • Interest rate 7% per month
  • Processing period is instant
  • 1/3 rule observed
  • Offset commission charged – Advance to advance 3%
  • Offset commission charged – Advance to BOSA 12.5%  
  • 1% insurance fee 
  • 1% processing fee


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