Bio digester price in Kenya


Bio Digester is the best alternative to septic tank. Nowadays most people prefer bio digester to septic tank because it doesn’t have an odor. You will enter a compound and never realize there is one there. The cost of a bio digester is Ksh 90,000 to Ksh 250,000. But there are others which cost as much as Ksh 400,000 especially those serving more than 200 people.

A bio digester has three components, a manhole, The Bio digester Septic Tank and the soak pit.It’s cheaper to install and doesn’t need exhauster services.

Below are the prices of a bid digester in Kenya based on price:

  • 90,000 Kshs for 1 to 40 users
  • 180,000 Kshs for 40 to 100 users
  • 290,000 Ksh for 100 to 200 users
  • 400,000 Ksh for 200 to 300 users
  • Advantages
  • 1. Allows no tank fill ups
  • 2. Allows no smell emissions
  • 3. Applicable in small spaced areas
  • 4. Applicable in high-water-level areas
  • 5. Applicable in homes and public places (many users)
  • 6. Requires no maintenance
  • 7. It’s cost friendly


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