Money Market Fund Kenya Minimum Investment


Money Market Fund is one of the best investments to make in Kenya. Each company provides you with the chance of investing as little as Ksh 500 per month. The interest is earned daily. Below we provide a list of best Money Market Fund in Kenya and minimum investment for each of them.

  • Standard Chartered Bank—Ksh 500

To start investing at Standard Chartered Bank, you must have an account with the bank. Interest ranges between 7% and 12% per year and it’s calculated daily.

  • Britam—Ksh 1,000

Britam is also among the best insurance companies for money market fund investment. The minimum investment is Ksh 1,000. Interest is between 8% and 13% per annum.

  • Madison Group—Ksh 5,000

The minimum investment at Madison Group is Ksh 5,000 and top up amount is Ksh 1,000. Withdrawal duration is 3 working days.

Madison Money Market Fund interest rate is 13%-15% per annum

If you want to grow your investment fast, join Madison. Assuming that you invest Ksh 1,000,000 and interest is 13%, you will make Ksh 130,000 per year.

  • ICEA Lion—Ksh 500

ICEA Lion Minimum investment is Ksh 500.Their interest rate per year is 7%-13%.

  • Old Mutual—Ksh 1,000

The minimum investment is Ksh 1,000 and minimum top up is Ksh 1,000.

Annual interest rate is 13.13%.

  • KCB Bank—Ksh 5,000

KCB Bank minimum investment for Money Market Fund is Ksh 5,000.The annual interest rate is 10.50%

  • Apollo Money Market Fund—Ksh 1,000

Apollo Money Market Fund is provided by APA Insurance. Their minimum investment is Ksh 1,000 and the top up amount is Ksh 1,000. The company’s annual interest rate is 7% to 12%.

  • Absa Dollar Money Market Fund—$100

Absa Dollar Money Market Fund is owned by ABSA Bank and offers investment opportunity in dollars. The interest ranges from 5% to 11%.

  • Sanlam—Ksh 2,500

Sanlam minimum investment is Ksh 2,500. Top up amount is Ksh 1,000. You can withdraw your money anytime.

  • CIC Money Market Fund—Ksh 5,000

The Minimum investment for CIC Money Market Fund is Ksh 5,000. Top up amount is Ksh 1,000. The interest rate per year is 6.9% to 14%.


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