Best Sacco salary advance loan in Kenya


Nearly all Saccos in Kenya offer salary advance loans. Below we list the best Saccos which offer salary advance loan with low interest rate:

NSSF Sacco

It offers salary advance loan of up to Ksh 50,000 with an interest rate of 6% per annum. The loan is processed immediately the application is done.


Their salary advance is up to Ksh 150,000. Interest rate charged is 3% per month. Their maximum repayment period is 1 month.

The maximum amount paid is equivalent to your salary.

If you take a loan of Ksh 100,000, interest will be Ksh 3,000. This means that you will pay Ksh 103,000 in total.

 Defence Sacco

The interest charged is less than 6% per year and repayment period is 6 months. Defence Sacco salary advance loan is a maximum of Ksh 300,000.

Sharia Sacco

They give salary advance loan of up to 3 times your salary. Interest is 3% per month on the outstanding balance.

They also charge Ksh 1,000 processing fee.

Trans Nation Sacco

Their salary advance range between Ksh 5,000 and Ksh 200,000. Interest is 1% to 3 % per month.

Kimisitu Sacco

You will get salary advance loan of up to 80% of your salary. The maximum loan amount is Ksh 500,000.

Kimisitu Sacco salary advance loan attract interest of 6% of the total loan amount and is charged upfront.

Assuming that you take a loan of Ksh 100,000, the interest will be 6% of Ksh100,000 which is Ksh 6,000. The loan you will receive after interest is Ksh 94,000.


They give a loan of up to Ksh 300,000. The repayment period is up to 6 months. Their interest per month is 1%-3% which is on reducing balance.

Mwalimu National Sacco

They give loan of up to 80% of your net salary. Their interest is 5%.

Imarisha Sacco

The Sacco awards loan of up to 90% of your net salary. The interest rate is 10%.I think the interest is higher than interest for other Saccos.


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