What makes an iron roof sweat from the underside at night? Big numerous drops fall at night like it’s raining


There is a strange thing that happens in a roof at night. You find that you are sleeping and the roof start sweating underneath. Below are the valid reasons why it sweats at night:

—-Poor ventilation. Same thing when you are in a vehicle with windows closed you will realise they sweat from inside. Warm air inside the house due to poor ventilation is condensed by coldness outside leading to those drops.

—-Warm moisture inside the house meeting the cold iron roof resulting to condensation

—-Ceiling boards…and enough ventilation to prevent condensation from sheets. Cooking and respiration creates vapour that hits roof and condenses to droplets

—Condensation, there should be enough ventilators to allow the room to breathe. You get water droplets on the lids of sufuria bcoz it’s hot inside and cold outside, got it?

—The air inside the house is warmer than the air outside this triggers condensation and mabati is the best .

—-It is simple physics, there is always vapor in the house since one is breathing, cooking etc and the house has poor ventilation so when the outside is cold than inside then the vapor inside will definitely condense into water

To avoid the situation from occurring, you simply let your house have enough ventilation. This will allow the temperature outside of your house be almost similar to the temperature inside the house.


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