I started car wash business in Nakuru, this is my experience and profits I make per month


In 2020 I lost my job. I was working in Nairobi by then. The insurance company which I worked for was restructuring and I was one of the workers who were shown the door. I was earning Ksh 125,000 and living in South C.I was devastated.

After staying at home for 3 months I started getting broke. Reality of losing the job hit me after failing to pay rent for the first time in 6 years. My landlady gave me 2 months to move out.

I had a car by then and the only option I had was to sell it. But before that, I tried to apply for jobs here and there but the idea failed. I was really frustrated. I sold my car for Ksh 950,000 to my friend.

While figuring out what to do, one of my friends introduced the idea of trying a business and he floated the car was business. I immediately embraced the idea. But he encouraged me to move to Nakuru.

It was hard for me to move to Nakuru because it was the first time I was moving there. We first visited the place to survey and my friend took me to Section 58, Kiamunyi and other areas. I fell in love with Kiamunyi.

In April 2022 I moved to Nakuru, rented a 2-bedroom house for Ksh 12,500. I was shocked that houses are cheaper in Nakuru than Nairobi. That was a positive sign. In Nairobi I was paying Ksh 30,000.

I also rented a place in Kiamunyi where I set up my car wash business. I spent Ksh 230,000 to start the business.I pay Ksh 20,000 for the space every month.

I am surprised that in Nakuru, everything is cheap but business wise, car wash is doing well. I make Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 8,000 per day. In a month, my profit is Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 180,000. I have 3 workers whom I pay Ksh 30,000 in total. After all the expenses I remain with Ksh 60,000 to Ksh 120,000.

So far I have gotten used to this business and I am not looking back.I wish I had started this business earlier.I now plan to open another car wash business and employ more people to work for me.


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