How I built a 2 Bedroom House with Ksh 550,000 Only


My journey to building my own house started in 2022 January. There is something that happened to me in 2021 that forced me to try everything and own my home. There was a curfew which forced us to go to the village. Our company allowed us to work from home. I had not built my house, so I was living in my brother’s house. Unfortunately, my brother came with his family, he has a wife and 2 children. Since the house is small, I was forced to sleep in sitting room. I got embarrassed because I was sleeping with my wife in sitting room.

After 3 weeks I said enough is enough and returned to Nairobi. It’s after that experience that I decided to own my house. I had saved Ksh 200,000 in a Sacco which enabled me to take a loan. I was given a loan of Ksh 600,000.

I didn’t know the exact amount of money that was needed to build the house, I just started. The first step was to get the necessary approval. Below is the total amount of money I spent to build the house:

Approvals—Ksh 20,000

Foundation—Ksh 150,000

Walling—Ksh 50,000

Roofing—Ksh 120,000

Finishing—Ksh 150,000

Other expenses—Ksh 50,000

I was noting down everything and in total I spent Ksh 550,000 to build the house.

I used to buy materials and also supervised the construction. I didn’t want my relatives to do supervisions.

The construction took less than 4 months.

Right now when I visit my home,I don’t worry about where to sleep.I even host visitors and let others sleep in it.


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