Matatu owners in Nairobi reveal the amount of money they make in profits


There are 33 and 51 seater matatus in Nairobi. One of the drivers who were interviewed reveal that they use fuel worth Ksh 16,000 per day and make a profit of Ksh 30,000. The cost of buying the matatu is Ksh 7 million to Ksh10 million.It takes up to 5 years to return the money the matatu was bought with.

Below is the amount of money matatus make in Nairobi


The matatus that make that kind of cash in 24 hrs ni the likes of guardian and long distance buses.

Take for example a bus to busia, luxury coach. It is a 49 seater and they charge 1600-1700. 49×1700=78,400

Iwache 1400 ya kamagira ama sacco ibaki na 77,000

Maybe ikunywe 200 ltrs of diesel 200×200=40,000

Ibaki na 37,000

7k ni mshara ya drivers na pesa ya barabara.

That remains 30k.

They are the only buses that make 30k per trip na itamake 3-4 trips a week


30k nisawa ita make but toa 10k ya mwenywe 14k ya mafuta saizo dere na konda hawana mushahara most zi hufikisha 35k but si offload

Matatu owner

I own one which plies Rongai-Nairobi route. The 33 seater matatu uses fuel worth Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 18,000 per day.It makes at least 6 trips per day and each trip generates Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 6,000.I make a profit of Ksh 8,000 to Ksh 12,000 daily after paying my staff and spending on fuel. In a month, I make Ksh 250,000 to Ksh 300,000.

I bought the matatu 3 years ago for Ksh 7 million and it has returned the money.

Matatu owner

Nynyi wenye mnaongea hamjui mambo ya matatu,ask us what we go through.Mine operates along Mombasa Road from Nairobi CBD to Taj Mall Rounda.Inaingiza Ksh 10,000 daily.But kuna masiku hakuna doo.In a month,Nafungia Ksh 200,000 to Ksh 250,000.

Shida ya matatu is to have a reliable crew.Most of them ni wakora.

Challenges of matatu business

Those owning matatu in Nairobi claim that the biggest challenge is the police. You cannot operate peacefully without oiling their hands. In a month, you have to part with over Ksh 3,000.

They also claimed that most drivers and conductors are not reliable. If you aren’t keen enough, you will witness them buying their own vehicles as you make losses. They owners argue that one must be wise in selecting his employees and also put a daily target. Instruct them to deposit in your account specific amount of money.

You will also face the challenge of repairing the matatu and servicing—-it’s expensive especially if you have a careless driver.


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