Dem Wa Facebook builds 3-bedroom House for her parents(Photo)


Dem Wa Facebook has built 3-bedroom house for her parents in Western Kenya. She started building the house a month ago, shortly after starting to work with Obinna.Obinna pays her Ksh 200,0000 to Ksh 250,000 monthly as salary which she uses to build the house.

The content creator has not purchased a car, she decided to build a house first in order to get blessings from her parents. The house is almost complete.

Dem Wa Facebook had been living in slums, struggling to put food on the table until Obinna spotted her talent. She is now one of the most popular content creators in Kenya. She claims that the house will cost Ksh 3 million to build.

Her decision to build the house has attracted praise from Kenyans.They are excited of her selflessness and believe that God will bless the work of her hands.


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