Best and most profitable businesses to start in Kisii Town 2022/2023


Kisii town has many business opportunities, it’s a town that operates 24 hours a day. There are plenty of profitable businesses to start in this town especially if your capital is small. We will only focus on businesses that will generate profits. There are businesses you can start for as little as Ksh 1,000.

Here is a list of the best and most profitable businesses to start in Kisii town 2022/2023:

  1. MPESA shop
  2. PlayStation
  3. Car wash
  4. Restaurant
  5. Hardware
  6. Chemist
  7. Wines and Spirits
  8. Bodaboda spare part business
  9. Motor vehicle spare part business
  10. Selling mitumba clothes
  11. Rental houses
  12. Agrovet
  13. Garage
  14. Car hire business
  15. Online taxi business
  16. Electronics shop
  • MPESA shop

A lot of transactions happen in Kisii town, business is booming. This is where you should set up an MPESA shop and be sure of making over Ksh1,500 per day. The rate of crime is low, so chances of making losses are low.

To set up MPESA shop in Kisii town, you need a capital of Ksh 80,000 and above.

  • PlayStation

PlayStation business is also booming in Kisii town. The opportunities are plenty because the number of PlayStations are not enough in the town.A capital of Ksh 200,000 to Ksh 400,000 is needed to start PlayStation business in Kisii town.

The only thing you’ll consider is security. Theft for PlayStation machines is high.

  • Car wash

Rain is in plenty in Kisii town. Red soil is in plenty in Kisii and this is not good for cars. It’s because of this that car wash business is profitable in the town. Most cars must be washed at least twice a week.

  • Restaurant

If you go to any restaurant in Kisii town, you’ll discover that they are full all the time. You can’t go wrong with restaurant business in the town because Kisiis love to eat.

One advantage of Kisii over other towns is that it’s a 24/7 economy, so you’ll be selling day and night.

  • Hardware

Construction is almost everywhere in Kisii town and competition for hardware materials is not so stiff. People travel from far to come and buy the materials.

A capital of Ksh3 million and above is enough to start a small hardware shop in Kisii town.

  • Chemist

In Kisii town chemists are not enough but the business is booming. In fact, it’s only this business that one sets his own price and sells to clients without complaints. But you have to show that you are qualified to run a chemist—a diploma or degree in nursing, medicine or pharmacy is required. If you don’t have relevant qualification, collaborate with someone who is qualified and set up the business.

A capital of Ksh300, 000 and above is required.

  • Wines and spirts

Another business that will generate good returns is wines and spirits. But you should be prepared to feed the police well while conducting the business, otherwise you won’t succeed.

The capital required to start wines and spirits business in Kisii town is Ksh150, 000 and above.

  • Bodaboda spare parts business

If you do a survey in Kisii town, you’ll clearly see that bodaboda spare parts business is required. The number of bodaboda in Kisii is huge. There is no way you’ll make a loss with bodaboda spare parts shop.

Make sure that the spare parts are of high quality in order to attract a large percentage of bodaboda owners.

  • Motor vehicle spare part business

Another business you should consider starting in Kisii is motor vehicle spare part business. It won’t disappoint you.

But the spare parts should be genuine. Don’t buy stolen spare parts.

  • Selling mitumba clothes

Camera clothes are good in Kisii because in this town, people prefer mitumba than brand new clothes. You can adopt the model of Think Twice.

  • Build rental houses

You should also consider building rental houses for students and residents. Bedsitters and one-bedroom houses are hotcake. In Kisii there are thousands of students who need accommodation, especially those schooling at Kisii University.

You need a capital of Ksh1.5 million and above in order to undertake this project—if you have a piece of land the better.

  • Agrovet

Since Kisii is an agricultural area, an Agrovet is necessary. You will be selling fertilizer, pesticides and other tools required for agriculture.

  • Garage

There are few garages in Kisii town. I can assure you if you start a garage, your business will be booming.

  • Car hire business

Most people travel as far as Nairobi to hire a car, something they can do in Kisii. Start your own car hire business and see how many clients you’ll get. You can even start with 1 vehicle.

  • Online taxi business

Buy a car and install an app for Uber or any online taxi company which is popular in Kisii. Within the town, there are many people using this service.

  • Electronics shop

People will always buy electronics and smartphones. The demand for smartphones will always be high in this town because the purchasing power is high.


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