How to spend Ksh 50,000 salary in Kenya


If you are earning Ksh50, 000 salary per month in Kenya, there is a way you can spend this money wisely and remain this enough to save. The amount of money to save will depend on the place you live, how to spend it and your responsibilities or other commitments. Assuming that you don’t suffer from any disease and all other factors remain constant, here is how to spend Ksh50,000 salary in Kenya:

One of the most common rules used by many Kenyans is that rent should not take more than 1/3 of your income. In the case of Ksh50,000 salary, you should pay rent not exceeding Ksh13,000.The most ideal amount to pay is Ksh 12,000 per month. A salary of Ksh 50,000 is deducted tax,NSSF and NHIF.After deductions, you’ll remain with a net salary of Ksh  40,840,which is roughly Ksh40,000.

After paying rent, you’ll remain with Ksh 28,000.Go ahead and spend Ksh 7,000 on shopping, Ksh 5,000 on food, Ksh6,000 on transport and lunch. You will remain with Ksh 10,000.Deduct Ksh 5,000 for other expenses and remain with Ksh 5,000 to save.

If you save Ksh 5,000 monthly, in a year you’ll save Ksh 60,000.In 5 years you’ll save Ksh300,000 which is enough to buy a piece of land in Nairobi.

You can save the money in Unit Trusts,Saccos or Fixed Deposit accounts. Unit Trusts will pay you interest daily.

If you want to take a loan, join a Sacco. The Sacco will also allow you to buy shares and earn dividends annually.

A salary of Ksh50,000 is not much especially when living in Nairobi. You have to forgo things like Alcohol. If you are a man, avoid women. You should also avoid buying a car to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Many people in Nairobi work for rent.As a focused person,you should ensure that rent does not go beyond Ksh12,000.If you are a bachelor,look for a specious bedsitter and start life from there—you’ll save a lot of money.


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