Best business to start with 50k in Kenya 2023


There are a number of businesses to start with Ksh50, 000 in Kenya in 2023.Some of the businesses yield the best profits, at least Ksh 50,000 per month. But as you plan to start your own business bear in mind that running a business is not a joke, you have to account for every shilling you inject into the venture and also avoid wasting the profits. Some businesses will take years to break even, they need patience.

If you are planning to start a business in Kenya with 50k, pick one from the following list:

  • Grocery business

Grocery shop is one of the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya with just Ksh50, 000.The capital for starting this business can be as low as Ksh10, 000 depending on the structure of the shop and location. The good thing is that this kind of a business does not generate losses unless you don’t know how to run it.With good customer base and traffic flow, you’ll make at least Ksh 1,000 per day.

If you are setting the business without enclosed space, you will not require a licence.Traders pay money to the County, usually Ksh 20 to Ksh50 per day.

  • MPESA Shop

The cost of starting MPESA Shop remains Ksh50,000 to Ksh 100,000.Though many people are operating the business, it’s still one of the best to start. You only need a float and physical location to operate the business from. The average amount required as capital is Ksh 80,000.

  • Bodaboda business

Buy an old bodaboda for about Ksh60, 000 and start the business of operating a bodaoda.Profits will be achieved right from the first day. The business will generate Ksh 500 to Ksh3, 000 per day depending on location and number of customers you’ll be carrying per day.

Salon business

You can start salon business even without capital. Start from where you live then later rent a room to do your business from. An executive salon will cost you at least Ksh 200,000 to start.

Salon business is good but it requires the owner to be present. You can’t trust your workers 100%.

  • Airbnb business

Airbnb is another business that is currently doing well especially in major towns. In Nairobi, you can rent 4 bedsitters with Ksh 50,000 and let out for Ksh 2,000 per night each. In a month, you’ll make over Ksh50, 000 in profits from the three bedsitters.

  • Farming

If you have enough land in your home, start farming business. You can keep Kienyeji chicken, plant tomatoes, cabbages, maize or beans. But you should consider seasons, there is a season when beans do well, tomatoes do well or a season for watermelon.

With Ksh50, 000 capital, you can easily become a millionaire. Nowadays, farming is the newest gold mine.

  • Kinyozi

Kinyozi is one of the easiest businesses to start in Kenya. You only require a capital of Ksh 50,000 to set up the business. You will be making at least Ksh700 per day.

Kinyozi is a business you can run without any serious challenges.

  • Blogging

Nowadays people are doing blogging as a full time business. To start a blog, you require a capital of Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 20,000.After creating one, you’ll only be required to post content regularly, join AdSense and start making money. Bloggers make money through AdSense, MGID, paid sponsored posts and banner ads. Some of them sell their own products through the blogs.

  • Start cereal business

In Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, cereal business is a hot cake business. The demand for maize, beans, njahe, peas etc is high. With a capital of Ksh 50,000 you are free to go.

  • Sell mitumba camera clothes

Nowadays there are shops like Think Twice which sell mitumba camera clothes. You can also start your own business and make huge profits from the business. Go to Gikomba,select camera shirts, trousers and women dresses. You will buy one shirt for Ksh200 and sell the same for Ksh450.You can start with as low as Ksh20,000.

  • Sell mandazi, githeri,chips and chapati

If you live in populated estates like Pipeline,Githurai and Kayole,start selling mandazi, chapati ,chips and githeri within the estate. You can also incorporate coffee or tea. This business is underrated but it’s very profitable.


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