How to get rich quickly in Kenya


There are many ways one can become rich quickly in Kenya. You can wake up today poor but tomorrow you make a lot of money and become a millionaire. Some Kenyans even become millionaires overnight.

While being rich takes time, you can accelerate your growth by doing the following things:

  • Avoid women and alcohol

The first thing to do when you start making money, avoid women and alcohol because those two things will drain you. Focus on the goal of saving and investment.

Assuming you are making Ksh 100, 000, if you have 3 girlfriends, I can assure you that you will be running on debts every month. Everyone will consume at least Ksh10, 000 of your savings.

Alcohol on the other hand will consume more than Ksh10, 000 per month. Basically, you more than half of your salary will be going to women and alcohol. By avoiding them, you remain with 90% of your income to save.

  • Start a profitable business

Do market research to determine which business is profitable and invest in it.Some of the businesses can yield returns immediately while others can take years. But the bottom line is, you will become rich quickly.

Operating business is better than being employed because you are the one who determines what to earn based on your decisions.

  • Take risks

If you are not able to take a risk, you are not likely to become rich. Take a rich of quitting your low paying job and start business, take a risk of betting for a jackpot, take a risk of applying for a tender. Do businesses which most people fear to do because of the risks involved.

You know, most Kenyans prefer where there is comfort. When it comes to business, they do those which are easy to manage and don’t involve taking of risks. At the end of the day, there is congestion in certain areas and scarcity in some areas.

People fear opening mortuary business, but that’s where there is money.

  • Seek a political post

Politicians in Kenya are very rich, they earn a lot of money. If you love politics, seek a political post. Here even an MCA has got a say.

An MCA makes more than Ksh 500,000 per month while MPs earn upwards of Ksh1.2 million monthly.

  • Avoid being in bad relationship/marriage

If you marry a toxic partner, they will demotivate you and chances of being rich becomes slim. Make sure you are not in a toxic relationship. Marry or be in a relationship with the right partner.

  • Hang out with successful people, get ideas from them and implement.

You can only become rich is you have ideas from successful people, learn how they operate and also implement their ideas.

If it’s business you have been running but it’s not generating revenues, start interacting with those who run the same business and learn how they do it.

If you hang out with failures you will become like them.

  • Live within your means

I have seen a number of youths in Kenya earning 100k but their monthly spending is more than Ksh120,000.They are forced to borrow from Mshwari,Tala etc to finance their lifestyle. You cannot become rich by living beyond your means.

If your monthly salary is Ksh100, 000, ensure that your spending is not more than 80% so that you can have something to save.

  • Save before you spend

One habit you should learn is to save before spending. If you are employed, ensure that before you go for shopping or pay your bills, you have saved some money. As you save, avoid withdrawing the money.

  • Invest wisely

Invest your money wisely. Build apartments, save in Money Market Fund, Open Fixed Deposit account and save your money there, join a Sacco and start saving your money, buy shares and earn dividends.

If you invest wisely, you will definitely become rich quickly

  • Create multiple income streams

Look for various ways to get income. You can start a business, do 8-5 job, become a consultant, invest in Money market Fund, buy shares etc.

Depending on one source of income will drag you.

  • Avoid marrying someone who will depend on you forever

In case you get married, identify someone who will be resourceful. Don’t marry someone who is not educated, someone who will be 100% dependent on you forever.

  • Add more skills to get promotion at work

Work on your career by getting Masters, PhD and professional courses. In most cases, the more skills you get the higher your pay.

  • Pursue a marketable course.

In case you are planning to enroll for college education, identify a marketable course and pursue it.Pharmacy, Architecture, Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery are some of the courses you can pursue to become rich.

  • Win a tender

Start pursuing tenders. You can win just one tender and become a billionaire.

  • Invest in cryptocurrency and also buy bonds

Cryptocurrency business is extremely profitable especially when you invest a lot of money in it.You can also buy bonds if you have millions for investment.

With Ksh 1 million, you will buy Bitcoins and sell the same for Ksh10 million within a year.

  • Inheritance

If your parents are rich, then you are also likely to become rich due to inheritance. Those born to rich parents are lucky.

The rich in Kenya invest in real estates, bonds, shares and profitable businesses. The good thing is that they don’t get many children who fight over the property.

  • Get high paying jobs

There are jobs which don’t necessarily pay high salaries but marupurupu ni mengi.Traffic police officers earn something like Ksh50,000 per month but they are tycoons. Senior Government jobs are also very good. You can also seek opportunity with an NGO or United Nations.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle

Exercise, drink a lot of water and prevent yourself from getting terminal illnesses like cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. A disease like cancer can drain your finances.

  • Reduce the number of dependents

Lastly, avoid having too many dependents. Don’t be too generous. Learn to say no.


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