15 Businesses You Can Start With 10k in Kenya


There are over 15 businesses to start in Kenya with just 10k.Some of the businesses will make you a millionaire within a short time.One of the businesses is to open a kibanda ya mboga.You will even need less than Ksh10,000 to start the business.You can also start selling roasted maize especially on busy streets.

Here is the full list of those businesses to start with Ksh10,000 in Kenya:

1. Selling Laptop Stickers

2. Selling roast/boiled maize/nduma/ngwaci

3. Handmade pillows, cases, mats and crotchets

4. Smokies, samosa and sausages

5. Selling customized bead necklaces, waist beads and bracelets

6. Selling porridge or coffee with mandazi

7. Designing posters, flyers, business cards, YouTube thumbnails etc on Canva

8. Kibanda ya mboga

9. Hawking car spare parts, car polish, dashboard spray, steering wheel covers etc

10. Selling mtumba clothes

11. Shoe shining

12. Buy a weighing machine

13. Making liquid soap, shampoo, handwash

14. Making homemade bed lamps

15. Selling acne soap on IG and WhatsApp

A number of Kenyans blame lack of capital for their failure to start a business,which is not the case.I have encountered many Kenyans who started business with nothing. Someone goes to a boutique in Eastleigh,he takes a picture of a dress and posts it on his Facebook page with a price tag,a customer makes an order,he rushes to the shop and buys the dress then sells it to the online customer.

Even starting the business of roasting maize is not difficult.You need a jiko,makaa and at least 50 maize to sell that day.Even a capital of Ksh2,000 is enough.


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