Mhasibu Sacco payment methods


Below are the payment methods allowed by Mhasibu Sacco:

MPESA Payment

  • Go to the Mpesa Menu
  • Select Lipa na M-PESA
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Enter Business Number ‘540700’

Under Account number – Enter Your Membership Number + transaction code


1Deposits ContributionsDEPMHS*****DEP
2Share CapitalSCPMHS*****SCP
3Child SchemeCHSCHS*****
4Holiday SchemeHLSMHS*****HLS
5Insurance PremiumsINSMHS*****INS
6Account ReactivationREAMHS*****REA
7Normal LoanNOLMHS*****NOL
8Normal Top-up loanNTPMHS*****NTP
9Repurchase LoanRPLMHS*****RPL
10Asset Loan(New)AFLMHS*****AFL
11Asset Loan- OldASTMHS*****AST
12Multi Normal LoanMTLMHS*****MTL
13Gold Loan-NewGOLMHS*****GOL
14Gold Loan-OldGLDMHS*****GLD
15Gold Top-upGTPMHS*****GTP
16Gold RepurchaseGRLMHS*****GRL
17Restructure LoanRSTMHS*****RST
18Jazilia LoanJZLMHS*****JZL
19Plot Buying LoanPBLMHS*****PBL
20Mortgage LoanMRGMHS*****MRG
21Equity Release LoanERLMHS*****ERL
22Defaulter LoanDFTMHS*****DFT
23Mobi Instant LoanMBLMHS*****MBL
24Swift LoanSWLMHS*****SWL
25Short-term LoanSTLMHS*****STL
26Self Guarantee LoanSGLMHS*****SGL
27Rahisi LoanRHLMHS*****RHL
28Home Care LoanHCLMHS*****HCL
29Cheque EncashmentCQLMHS*****CQL

2. Bank Accounts

Name: Mhasibu Sacco Society Limited
Bank: NCBA Bank Kenya PLC
Branch: Mama Ngina Street
Account No. 6435220015
Swift Code: CBAFKENX

Name: Mhasibu Sacco Society Limited
Bank: Equity Bank
Branch: Kenyatta Avenue Branch
Account No. 1290271968015
Swift Code: EQBLKENA

Name: Mhasibu Sacco Society Limited
Bank: Co-operative Bank
Branch: University Way Branch
Account No. 01120040136100
Swift Code: KCOOKENA

Deposit Payments

  •  For Deposits; key in   ‘DEP’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. MHS*****DEP)
  • For Share Capital key in ‘SCP’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. MHS*****SCP)
  • For Child Scheme Account, Key in ‘CHS’ at the end of yourMembership Number (e.g. CHS*****CHS)
  • For Insurance Premiums, Key in ‘INS’at the end of yourMembership Number (e.g MHS*****INS)
  • To preload your Mhasibu M-Sacco Utility Account, Key in ‘MSD’ at the end of your Membership number (e.g. MHS*****MSD)


Standing orders

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