Best performing Companies with money market fund in Kenya and their interest rates


Money market fund is one way of investing your money wisely in Kenya. The money earns interest on daily basis with some companies paying up to 25% per annum or more than 1% per day. The good thing about money market fund is that the principal amount is not subjected to any risk, like in the case of shares.

Here is a list of companies in Kenya with money market fund and the interest they generate:



  • Earn 8-10%* interest annually.
  • Easy sign up via MyBritam App available on Google Playstore and App Store and MyBritam Portal 
  • Easily track your savings and transact via the above digital channels.
  • Easy withdrawal straight to your M-Pesa or Bank account within 48 hours. 
  • Also available via USSD *778#.

Why you should invest in Britam money market fund

Invest from as low as Kshs. 1,000

  • Earn Daily compounding interest (9-11%*)
  • Ease of withdrawal – Within 48 hrs straight to M-Pesa/Bank


Key Features

Fund ManagerCIC Asset Management Ltd
Launch DateJun – 11
Risk ProfileLow
TrusteeKenya Commercial Bank
CustodianCo-op Custodial Services
Minimum InvestmentKsh 5,000.00
Minimum Additional InvestmentKsh 1,000.00
Initial FeeNil
Annual Management Fee2.00%
Effective Annual Yield8.71%

Who should invest?

Investors who are seeking ;

  • Capital preservation whilst not seeking long-term capital growth
  • A high degree of capital stability and who are strictly risk averse.
  • A short term parking bay for surplus fund particularly in times of market volatility

Key Benefits

  1. Liquidity: The client is able to withdraw their funds at short notice with no penalty fees.
  2. Flexibility: The client is able to switch or transfer funds to another fund that he/she may have with CICAM.
  3. Security: The fund invests in government paper and liquid instruments.
  4. Competitive Returns: Interest is calculated daily and credited at the end of each month. As an institutional client, the fund benefits from placing deposits in large sums and as such is able to negotiate for competitive rates.
  5. Professional fund management: prospective investors benefit from the expertise of our seasoned professionals.


The money market fund has an interest rate of 9%-15% per year .Sanlam has one of the best Money Market Funds in Kenya. Minimum investment is Ksh2,500 and the income distribution frequency is monthly.


Another best performing company for the money market fund is ICEA Lion.

This fund invests primarily in interest bearing assets like fixed deposits and short-term bonds. Suitable for investors seeking liquidity (the ability to access your funds easily), monthly income in the form of interest added onto your capital as well as preservation of your capital.

Risk Level: Low

It is considered the least risky fund because you never lose your invested capital however, interest varies from day to day depending on market performance.

You can save as little as Ksh1,000 per month. The fund attracts interest of 8.8% to 12% per year.


Key Features
• Initial investment amount of minimum Kes 5,000
• You can top up your investment with as little as Kes. 1,000
• We provide Investment statements and market updates on our customer portal.
• Our system sends Sms and email alerts every time there is activity in your money market account.
• Withdrawals are processed at T+2 working days enabling you to save and access your funds when need be.
• The interest is quoted net of management fee and published daily in the newspapers allowing ease of
monitoring performance.
• The funds are held in a Custodial account and the activities of this fund are overseen by a Corporate

The interest per annum ranges between 6% and 11%.


Zimele Money Market Fund offers attractive interest rate on their money market fund portfolio.The interest you will earn per year is 9.56%

 Features & Benefits

  • Minimum deposit of Ksh.100

Deposit any amount starting from Ksh. 100, at your pace.

  • Competitive interest rate

All deposits earn interest.

  • Interest compounded annually

The interest is earned on a daily basis and compounded annually. This makes it ideal for both short-term and long-term savings.

  • M-Pesa option for deposits

Deposit at your own convenience via M-Pesa paybill 501101 or from any bank.

  • Convenient Withdrawals

Withdraw to your M-Pesa wallet or bank account.

  • Online Statements

Access and manage your account from the comfort of your home using our customer service portal.

  • Flexible

You save at your own pace with no restrictions or limits.

  • Security

The fund is licensed and regulated by Capital Markets Authority (CMA).


Daily Yield:9.68%

Effective Annual Yield:10.12%

The fund allows for daily withdrawals or investment of a minimum of KES 1,000.

10.12% interest is good.if you invest Ksh1 million, you will make over Ksh 10,000 monthly. In a year you will earn over Ksh 110,000.


This fund invest in low-risk investments with an element of guaranteed returns such as fixed deposit, treasury bills, commercial paper, government and corporate bonds. The fund is for investors looking for a safe parking place for their funds and with a low risk appetite

The fund is suitable for investors seeking an alternative to a fixed bank deposit.

The minimum lump sum investment is Ksh 1,000 and additional top-ups of Ksh. 1,000 can be made thereafter. Regular voluntary top-ups can be made by cheque, direct cash deposit, direct debit order or standing order.

APA Money Market Fund yields at least 8% per annum.


Old Mutual Money Market Fund generates interest of 6%-12 % per annum.You can invest as low as Ksh 1,000 per month.

Features of the fund

  • Funds can be accessed within a few days (immediate liquidity).
  • This is a low-risk fund and provides return/ yield without penalties.
  • Capital stability as the fund rate of return aims to outperform the inflation rate.
  • Returns generated from this fund are distributed monthly, and you can elect to reinvest (recommended) to compound and grow your investment faster or payment to your bank account.
  • You have the freedom to switch your investment between different funds to maximize your gains
  • You can set up a cash flow plan to cater to your regular cash needs


There are two types of money market fund offered by ABSA,ABSA shilling money market fund and ABSA dollar money market fund. The fund yields interest of 5% to 11% per annum.

Here are the features of the fund;

Shilling money market fund features

  • Suitable for investors who seek low-risk, high-interest portfolio, especially during times of high stock market volatility.
  • Offers capital stability and immediate liquidity.
  • The fund invests in interest-bearing securities and other short-term money market instruments.
  • Investment risk level — low-risk investment offering high yield, income stability and immediate liquidity
  • Recommended investment horizon – short term
  • Fee structure: initial fee – 0% annual management fee – 2% per annum

Dollar money market fund features

  •  Suitable for investors who seek low-risk, high-interest portfolio but in USD
  • Offers capital stability and immediate liquidity.
  • The fund invests in interest-bearing securities and other short-term money market instruments.
  • Investment risk level — low-risk investment offering high yield, income stability and immediate liquidity
  • Recommended investment horizon – short term
  • Fee structure: initial fee – 0% annual management fee – 1% per annum


You can also invest in Equity Money Market Fund which will yield at least 6% per year. There are three types of money market fund by Equity: Titanium money market fund, Tribute money market fund and prestige money market fund.You will invest as low as Ksh1,000 per month.


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