Best estates to pay rent of Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 5000 per month in Nairobi


Normally, rent in Nairobi ranges between Ksh7, 000 and Ksh 300,000 which is not affordable for common people. Those earning salaries below Ksh 30,000 find it hard to get comfortable houses to live in.With a salary of Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 30,000,you require house where you’ll pay monthly rent of Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 5,000.But you have to look for estates with security, plenty of water ,electricity and good drainage system. Below is a list of the best estates to live in for Ksh1, 000 to Ksh5, 000 per month in Nairobi:


Utawala has bedsitters and single rooms which go for Ksh 4,000 to Ksh 6,000.Utawala is a serene environment where you can live with your children comfortably.


Another good estate to live in is Githurai.Here you will get a good bedsitter or single room for Ksh 5,000 which has plenty of water and good drainage system. Nowadays Githurai is very secure unlike 10 years ago. There are single rooms for Ksh4k per month.


Another popular estate to live in with a budget of Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 5,000 for rent is Kayole which is located adjacent to Komarock.It’s ideal for people working in Nairobi CBD,along Jogoo Road or Mombasa Road.A bedsitter in Kayole costs Ksh 3,500 to Ksh7,000


Kawangware is ideal for those earning Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 50,000 because there are houses charging rent of as low as Ksh 3,000.If you will be using Ngong Road and your budget is Ksh 5, 000, Kawangware is the most ideal place to live.


In Umoja you will get a single room for Ksh 5,000 per month and a bedsitter for Ksh 5,000 to Ksh8,000.This is a good estate,very secure and clean.It’s ideal for people working in Nairobi CBD.


Kangemi has all sorts of people, rich and poor.If you want a house costing Ksh 20,000 per month you will get,if you want a house going for Ksh 4,000 per month you will get.

Kangemi is for people working in Westlands, Nairobi CBD and Upper Hill.


Pipeline is the most populous estate in Nairobi and one of the most secure estates in the city.There are plenty of houses whose rent range between Ksh 3,000 and Ksh 5,000,Most of the houses are bedsitters and single rooms.

Before you look for a house in any Nairobi Estate, first go to Pipeline.


In Ngong you will easily get a single room or bedsitter for Ksh 4,000 to Ksh 5,000.the houses are cheap here because Ngong is far from Nairobi CBD.But most people working along Ngong Road live in Ngong or Rongai.


Another good estate to live in Nairobi is kitengela.There are plenty of houses you will get for as little as Ksh 4,000 per month.


For those working along Thika Road or in Nairobi CBD,you can look for a house in Ruiru.There are cheap houses costing even below Ksh 4,000 per month.


You can also try your luck in Njiru which is past Komarock.You won’t lack single rooms or bedsitters going for less than Ksh 5,000.


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