Andrew Kibe is a former media personality a blogger and vlogger. Andrew Kibe is known for his bluntness, his courage to be real and to talk about most of the controversial topics. If you are looking for realist then Kibe will be that person.

Andrew Kibe has gained a lot of following on his socials because of the tackling of the controversial topics. Perhaps you know Kibe from the days when he would give controversial personality a piece of his mind while explaining certain societal norms

Early Life

Andrew Kibe was born in 1st July, 1976 in Kenya.

Education Background

Very little is known about Kibe’s education and early life but he disclosed that he was in Milimani high school, and that one of his famous school mates was Kilonzo Jr.


Some rumors emerged that Kibe was once a pastor. There were numerous photos posted on social media to support the claims, although he denied the claims. Kibe stated that he could never lie enough to be a pastor, and if he did he would be one of the most excellent pastors in Kenya. Kibe said that his trip to India gave him the awakening, and he quit the religious path choosing the “realness” way.  However he has denounced religion in a number of his videos that he posts on his social media. In his career path Kibe has tried a number of careers including motivation speaking.  

In 2013 Kibe attempted politics when he run for the Langata Member of Parliament seat but unfortunately he was unsuccessful.

In 2018 Kibe’s career as a radio presenter started at NRG radio in March 2018, where he worked hosted alongside Kamene Goro until June 2019.

Later on after working in NRG radio for a year Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro were poached by Kiss 100. The duo got hired by kiss 100.Kibe worked alongside Kamene from September 2019 to June 2021, he later on quit his job with the claims that he want to focus on his personal projects.

After quitting Kibe started his own radio station by the name Rogue radio, although things did not go as he had planned so he had to close the radio station.

Kibe moved to USA for a fresh start, right now he has a YouTube channel with a huge following.

Personal Life

When it comes to Kibes personal life he keeps it private. However, Kibe was once married and has a son. During an interview he disclosed that he had not seen the son for a long time, he complained that his ex-wife kept his son away from him after realizing that he had moved on with his life after their separation.


Andrew Kibe has had a lot of controversy concerning his love life. Kibe has had numerous rumors concerning his love life. Once a popular kikuyu singer by the name Samidoh claimed that Kibe was dating a cougar. This is after Kibe accused Samidoh of not visiting him during his US tour. Although the rumors of Kibe dating a cougar have been around for a long time, they are not confirmed.

In the year 2021 Eric Omondi a Kenyan comedian claimed that Andrew Kibe was dating a 57 year old woman by the name Judy. Begging Kenyan’s to help Kibe out claiming that he was desperate and that he was dating the 57 year old for convenience rather that love, Eric Omondi also claimed that if Kibe breaks up with the woman he will return to Kenya with nothing.

Net Worth

Andrew Kibe has an estimated net worth of between 1million-10 million. Kibe’s incomes is mainly from his career as an internet star and journalist.

Andrew Kibe Profile

Name: Andrew Kibe

Date of birth: 1st July 1974

Nationality: Kenyan

Profession: Media personality, blogger

Instagram: andrewkibelive


Facebook: Andrew Kibe


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