Prophet David Owuor Biography


Dr. David Owuor famously known as prophet Owuor is a famous renowned self-proclaimed prophet in Kenya and around the world known for performing miracles and healing sick people and his evangelism. He is the founder, leader and the owner of Repentance and Holiness Church.

Real Name:                David Owuor

Year of Birth:             24th February 1966

Age:                             57yrs

Gender:                       Male

Career:                        Prophet/Religious Leader

Place of Birth:             Goma Village/Bondo District

Nationality:                 Kenyan

Religion:                     Christian

Networth:                    Ksh. 1billion

Marital Status:           Not Married

Early Life & Career

Dr. David Uwuor was born in Goma village Usenge in Bondo District on 24th February 1966. He comes from a family of eleven, that is, he has six girls and three boys together with his two parents. Dr. David is the second born, his father is Helekiah Owuor a former civil Served that worked with the East African Community prison service and rose within the ranks to be Sergent Major and his late mother Margret Achieng’ Owuor was a house wife, a peasant farmer who was a staunch Christian.  

Dr. David comes from a humble background. He attended Wambasa Primary School in Yimbo and also attended various primary schools including Luzira, Jusa and Kitalya in Uganda. Dr. David attended various primary schools because his father was transferred while working with defunct East Africa Community.

He later completed his primary school education and attended Mbale Senior Secondary School while still in Uganda. David sat for his ‘O’ level exams and later proceeded to St. Peters College in Tororo for his ‘A’ levels. David proceeded with his education to Makerere University for a Bachelor of Science degree; however in 1988 he left for The Nairobi University where he completed his first degree. In 1992 David joined Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel for a master’s degree.

David has been previously quoted saying he came back to Kenya in 1993 and volunteered with Environmental Liaison Centre International (ECLI), the work was coordinated by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and intergovernmental committee on the convention of Biological Diversity.

After he completed volunteering, David went back to Israel for his doctorate at the University of Haifa on Mt. Carmel. Later he proceeded to work in Germany on a virus that could not be imported to the laboratory in Israel because of International quarantine on pathogens.  David also worked as a professor of medicine at the University of Oklahoma in the United States of America.

It is while in America, Dr. David spent the better part of his lifestyle studying and doing research in scientific and medical fields, he has been involved in running research, cancer chemotherapy and drug metabolism in human body. He was part of the team that introduced drug-induced signal transduction in drug design and discovery.

David has also worked with faculty post-doctoral fellow at the centre of pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the college of pharmacy at the university of Illinois, he later took another position at the department of pharmaceutics and drug metabolism at the Earnest Mario school of pharmacy at the state University of New Jersey-Rutgers at the same time honouring another appointment at the Environmental Occupational Health Science Institute (EOHSI).

Moreover, he has also served at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) in Division of surgical Oncology and Department of surgery of the university of medicine and dentistry of New Jersey, teaching as a specialist consultant in forensic toxicology and aircraft (medicine). Dr. David’s has also published works in the journal for Biological Chemistry, Molecular Pharmacology (JBC) and also worked with American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist.


David Owuor is the founder, leader/self-proclaimed prophet and the owner of Repentance and Holiness Ministry despite him being a scientist by profession. He receives visitors on a daily basis from all walks of life who want his counsel or prayers that is, doctors, politicians, lawyers etc. He admitted it was difficult to quit his job in order to serve the Lord.

David is a humble, soft spoken man, with a good mastery in English language, he shares that he received a calling to ministry in 2003 while in Chicago USA, in his bed when he was sleeping; he saw a vision  of the Lord accompanied by Daniel, Elijah and Moses as Witnesses, David said the Lord touched his left hand and lifted him up, the Lord proceeded and told him he wanted him to be his hand on earth, and showed him a highway to drive, a throne and inside there was an ark of the new covenant.

David said in 2004, April 2nd the Lord appeared again to him at 3.29am  together  with John the Baptist and he told him to tell the four corners of the world to prepare and be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ. He claims there was an earthquake and then, the Lord gave him a rod of Moses and asked him to warn all nations on earth to repent.

Scandal/Cult and Controversies

Prophet David has not been short of controversies, he has been previously accused of brainwashing their sister while cutting off access to the family. His members have also washed the streets for him and sang his praises; all these have been termed to be cultic from other religious figure in the country.

In 2019 there was a sex scandal involving the prophet and the women of his church Repentance and Holiness, Bishop David assistant Joseph Gitonga was expelled following the incidence, Gitonga who was serving as the Bishop at the Kasarani branch was ex-communicated after several women in the church claimed to have had sex with him.

Repentance and Holiness church has always been accused of being a cult, with Prophet Owuor being accused of working fake miracles, the alleged miracles have been claimed to have been paid for. However, the members of repentance and holiness remain adamant and continue to believe in their church and their prophet David Owuor.


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