List of Loan Apps in Kenya without Registration and CRB Check


Most people loan apps check whether your details are in CRB, Others require you to register in order to access a loan, but there are others which don’t demand for those details. Here is the list:


This online app loans you instantly after filling out the required information. Tala is also among the popular rated loan apps we have in Kenya. To get and access Tala loan, download the tala app from Google play store.

  • They offer loans up to 30,000 Kenyan shillings.
  • Rate of 0.3% on daily basis
  • Overtime payment  takes up to 61days to repay loan
  • Fast cash disbursement
  • To pay back the loan, their m-pesa paybill number of 851-900 on the account number write Tala registration phone number.
  • Tala charges 8% payment interest if the loan has not been repaid in full by due date
  • The late payment interest is based on one’s 61 days


Install the app from the Google play store, one can also save and earn returns on this app on Timiza Account.  

To open a Timiza account one must first register on Timiza for Transactional account.

  • Get an instant loan on your phone from this app
  • Earn 5% yearly on a balance of ksh.100
  • The higher one saves on this app, the higher they increase loan limit
  • One is able to earn a 4% bonus on 3 withdrawals per quarter
  • There m-pesa paybill number is 300067, account number is usually your phone number, then enter the amount, next your pin number and wait for a confirmation message.
  • They charge a 5% roll over, they will also extend your payment period


This is another loan app we have in Kenya. The details required to take a loan is your name and ID number.

  • They offer loans paid by 61days in two installments
  • One can borrow from ksh.500 to 30,000
  • They charge an interest of 9-39% of the principle amount
  • Get the app from website or on the google play store
  • Zenka applies an interest of 1% failure to pay the loan on time


This is another you can install on your phone from google play and ask for a loan.

  • Register your m-pesa number to ask for the loan
  • Fill details and provide your ID photo
  • Place of work
  • Physical address and emergency contact details
  • Ask for the amount you need
  • They offer loans from ksh. 800 to 50,000
  • The loan period is 7 to 9 days
  • The m-pesa paybill number is 733-555
  • Account number is your phone numbers
  • A penalty of 2.5% of the amount one borrows is incurred in case of failure to pay the loan on time/


This is another easy loan app to get cash from. Their loan range from khs.5000-500,000

  • When you borrow and pay on time your loan limit increases
  • They have simple requirements before you borrow the loan
  • Once you have provided the necessary details, you can proceed and borrow the amount you need (within the range the app is providing)
  • Phone number, BVN and answering a few questions
  • Their m-pesa paybill number is 900068, account number is your phone number
  • Failure to pay your loan on time limits your ability to borrow in the future
  • The minimum Interest is 25% and maximum interest is 36%


This is a loan app that offers low cost instant mobile loans in Kenya.

  • You need to provide m-pesa number, ID and your name
  • Once your details are confirmed you are allowed to borrow the amount that you need
  • Their loan range is between ksh.500 and 50,000
  • The amount gradually rises depending with how often you borrow and refund the money
  • The m-pesa pay-bill number is 977-888, Account number is your phone number, when paying back the loan


This is another loan app that does not check your CRB status.

  • Their loan up to ksh. 70,000
  • They approve loans in 24hrs before depositing it to your phone
  • One must provide the necessary details including the mpesa phone number
  • They do not charge roll over fees or late payment fees
  • The m-pesa paybill number is 998-608, enter your phone number as your account number


  • Their loan range is between ksh. 500 to 50,000 with 91days to 180days
  • Their interest rate is 12%
  • The app does not charge service fees
  • Repaying the loan on time increases borrowing limits.
  • The repayment period is takes 91days to 180days
  • You can use mpesa to pay back the loan
  • Go the mpesa, then lipa na mpesa, click paybill
  • The Ipesa paybill number is 192-010, enter your mpesa number linked to the app as your account number


This is one of the newest loaning app in the market. It is a non-profit loan platform and your loan comes from independent lenders, not the non-profit organization itself.

  • One must be employed to borrow or running a business
  • One must have an active facebook account
  • An identity card is required, a registered safaricom sim card
  • A good credit history
  • Once you provide the necessary details required by the app
  • Proceed and borrow the loan
  • To pay back the loan, us zidisha paybill numbe 600-201
  • Your phone number the one linked to the app, use it as your account number


They lend up to ksh. 60,000. The app has been there and can be installed via google play store

  • Annual interest is 14%
  • They determine your loan limit and the payment period
  • One must have a registered safaricom simcard
  • They analyze your details after providing them with the necessary information
  • Its takes 24hrs for your loan to be approved
  • One can pay back the loan using Okash paybill number 612-224
  • Enter your mpesa number the one linked to the app as the account number
  • To maximize on your borrowing, pay the loan on time


They offer business and personal credit.

  • Their loan interest is 12%
  • They offer credit from ksh.300 to 1000,000
  • They have a loan repayment period of 91days to 36months
  • One must pay ksh.400 as an annual account management fees
  • The mpesa paybill number for paying back the loan is 800-950
  • Enter your mpesa number the one linked to the app as the account number


This is one of the newest loaning apps.

  • Their offer credit range of ksh. 800 to 50,000
  • They have a repayment period of 91days to 120days maximum
  • The app disburses loan directly to your mpesa number
  • Provide the necessary details
  • That is the national identity card number and registered simcard
  • One must also provide where they work or if they are business people
  • You can then proceed to borrow the amount you need within the credit range offered by the app
  • Their mpesa paybill number is 733-555
  • Enter your mobile phone as your account number, the one linked to the app

HF whizz

This app has built trust with its members especially the lenders. It belongs to housing finance group of Kenya.

  • it protects the details of the lenders
  • download the app from google paly store/app store
  • provide the required details
  • input the verification code sent to you
  • set your pin
  • the account is activated
  • choose the reason for the loan and proceed to borrow
  • when paying back the loan
  • you can use your mpesa, the paybill number for HF whizz is 100-400
  • enter your phone number the one linked to the app as the account number
  • to be in good standing and increase your loan limit, pay the borrowed amount on time


This is another app that not only serves mpesa users but also those using airtel money

  • This app analyzes your mpesa transactions to determine one’s eligibility to get the loan
  • It disburses money to your phone immediately the loan is approved.
  • One can pay back the loan through their mpesa
  • The paybill number is 854-400
  • Enter the phone number linked to the app as your account number
  • Proceed put the amount you want to pay
  • Enter your pin
  • Done


  • This app is among those that have quality customer service
  • Their loan range is up to 50,000 Kenyan shillings
  • One must fill in their details
  • Afterwards, when the details are approved one can proceed to borrow
  • The amount to borrow is determined by the app
  • The app allows repayment within 91days minimum
  • The money borrowed is deposited on the same day to one’s mpesa account
  • One can repay the loan through the app or using mpesa paybill number 404-7993
  • Use your phone number as the account number. The specific number linked to the app


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