Top 20 Countries to Relocate to in 2023


If you want to relocate to a country where you feel at home, look for a country which is peaceful with perfect weather condition, friendly citizens, plenty of job opportunities and comfort. Below is a list of 20 best countries to relocate to in 2023

  • New Zealand

This is on top of our list because of the following reasons;

  • great business environment
  • low on taxes
  • quality public services
  • English Speaking Country
  • great quality of life
  • ideal for all expats of life
  • Germany

Some of the reasons to relocate and settle in Germany are;

  • Free education
  • industrial sector opportunities
  • good infrastructure
  • great location in Europe
  • great salaries
  • Australia

Reasons to mover and settle in Australia include;

  • Better health care
  • wealthy
  • big consumer market for business people
  • relatively low bureaucracy
  • English speaking country
  • top destination for expats.
  • Switzerland

This country is among the best we have in the world. Here are some of the reasons why you need to move there;

  • high salaries
  • low taxes
  • situated at the central location of Europe
  • good governance
  • nature
  • business environment for entrepreneurs
  • safe
  • Georgia

This is an upcoming destination for expats for the following reasons;

  • affordability
  • safe
  • low taxes
  • low bureaucracy
  • excellent in terms of location
  • Hungary
  • affordable operation costs
  • low corporate tax
  • great infrastructure
  • good quality of life
  • great atmosphere for newcomers
  • Taiwan
  • Relaxed visa regulations
  • low overall taxes
  • safe
  • better healthcare
  • good weather conditions
  • Singapore

This country has grown over the years and is now known for its greatness and diversity, here are some of the reasons why you should move here;

  • Great Infrastructure
  • excellent for business environment
  • safe to live in
  • low on bureaucracy
  • diverse
  • Denmark
  • quality life
  • great food
  • great environment ambience
  • safe
  • great infrastructure
  • good work life balance
  • Sweden

There are many reasons to move to this country, however, I’ll mention a few;

  • high quality living standards
  • great infrastructure
  • great opportunities
  • well-developed health care system
  • Finland

Finland is known to be among the safest countries in Europe, here are some more reasons;

  • safe
  • great governance
  • laid back work ethics
  • high quality of life
  • great infrastructure
  • free education
  • high salaries
  • Spain
  • Great weather conditions
  • location
  • low budget
  • good health care
  • good quality of life
  • great opportunities (employment)
  • Chile
  • Has relaxed visa regulations
  • low overall taxation
  • great weather
  • good quality of life
  • one of the best countries in south America
  • Czech Republic
  • Best business environment
  • low on taxation
  • relaxed visa regulations
  • great infrastructure and transportation
  • high quality of life
  • North Macedonia
  • low cost of living
  • low taxation
  • great nature/environment
  • great for tourism
  • free education
  • Cyprus
  • low corporate tax rate
  • strong on tourism
  • IT sector
  • mild weather
  • safe
  • Hungary
  • Great quality of life
  • low corporate tax
  • great infrastructure
  • affordable operation cost
  • Ireland
  • close to Europe
  • work life balance
  • great education system
  • friendly people
  • great food
  • good for entrepreneurs and employees
  • South Korea

Here are reasons why you should move to South Korea;

  • good business environment
  • big manufacturing capacity
  • good transportation and infrastructure
  • wealthy
  • safe
  • Japan

Here are some of the reasons why you should move to this country;

  • Long life (health care)
  • high salaries
  • best transport infrastructures
  • best public services
  • best weather
  • big domestic market


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