Njoro Wa Uba biography


Name: Joseph Kinyua

Age: 39 years

Children: unknown  

Career: Actor

Gender: Male

Nationality: Kenyan

Date of Birth: January 31, 1984

Marital Status: unknown

Net worth: 6 Million Kenyan Shillings

Social Media: YouTube, instagram, tiktok, Facebook, twitter

Njoro wa Uba is a Kenyan comedian and actor. He gained popularity through his appearances on the Churchill show, a popular Kenyan comedy program. Njoro, whose real name is George Maina, was born in Nairobi, Kenya. He started his career as a mechanic before venturing into comedy. Njoro’s comedic style involves telling relatable stories about everyday life experiences, often incorporating humor in his use of the Kalenjin dialect.

He is known for his energetic stage presence and ability to connect with his audience. Njoro’s success on the Churchill show propelled him to become one of Kenya’s most beloved comedians.


As a young child, Joseph attended primary and high school in Kasarani in Nairobi. He later studied accounting at visions professional institute from 2002 to 2006. That is all the detail given about his education.


After finishing his studies, Njoro got a job at the Aga Khan University Hospital. He worked there for four years gaining experience and learning about life. His passion for acting was still within him. He pursued his dream by doing a film in 2006. He made a video with his friends which attracted many people. Joseph ventured fully into acting in the year 2008. He attended different auditions. He got a role in a travelling theatre group that allowed him to leave his acting job and follow his dream of being an actor.

He landed a television role after his first audition. After the gig, he did not get any more gigs for almost two years. He was able to find a spot in MNET series “Changes” and the “whistle blower”. Joseph has also been part of the “Fifth Estate”, a movie about wikileaks. He travelled to Belgium to film the movie.

He has acted so many films including; Lies that Bind, news Just in, Changes, How to Find a Husband, Sue and Johnny and Fences. He has become popular due to the show “Njoro wa Uba”.


The actor has kept a low profile on his family. It is not known if he has a wife or not, and whether he has a family or children. The only family member we know is the actress Njoro wa ubas’ daughter who keeps people glued to the screen. Many people know Njoro from their screens, but details about his personal life remain personal to him.

The show resonates with the experiences of most Kenyans, which is why many people take their time to sit and watch it. Njoro wa Uba has created a legacy for himself and many Kenyans have grown to love his content and the character he plays.

What He is popular for

Many Kenyans Know Njoro wa Uba from Maisha Magic East. The show features him as one of the main characters. He is an incredibly talented and skilled actor who has won the heart of many through his acting. He has been in a number of films, but Njoro wa Uba is one of the most intriguing and fascinating roles he has ever played.


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