Where to buy Genuine Televisions (TVs) in Nairobi cheaply


There are many specific places where to buy genuine Televisions (TV) in Nairobi. Before buying a TV, ensure that the place can be trusted. There are people who would claim to be selling a genuine TV but when you buy, they tell you to install something for it to be a smart TV,you will pay Ksh 8,000 to Ksh10,000 extra.

I have been taking my friends, my clients and several other people to areas in Nairobi where genuine TVs are sold, nobody has complained so far.I believe that this article will be useful to you too.

  • Luthuli Avenue

There are hundreds of people selling TVs along Luthuli Avenue. I want to give you one secret. Always buy your TV from a Somali guy or woman, those people are genuine. A Samsung 32 inch Smart TV will cost Ksh 25,000 at Luthuli Avenue but if you go to Samsung shops, you’ll buy the same for Ksh 35,000.

  • Jumia

Buy your TV from Jumia website, it will delivered to you within a couple of days.Jumia is cheap, safe and convenient.Download Jumia App, create an account and make an order.

  • Sony shops

Sony sells the best televisions in Kenya. Though they are relatively expensive, their quality is superb. Go to any Sony shop and buy a genuine TV which nobody has used before.

Sony also sells high quality woofers and sound systems.

  • Samsung Shops

Samsung is another company selling the best TVs in Nairobi. There are also several Samsung shops in Nairobi especially the CBD.Their TVs are less priced than Sony TVs.

  • Hisense shops

Hisense is also setting up shops in Nairobi. The quality of Hisense TV is almost similar to Sony TV.Hisense TVs are cheaper than Sony and Samsung but they will serve you as good as other quality brands.

  • Shopping malls

In shopping malls, all shops available are thoroughly vetted. It’s hard to buy substandard TVs from them.

  • LG shops

LG has the best fridges and high quality televisions. There are many LG shops in Nairobi. You can physically visit their shops or order the TVs online.

The best sizes of TVs to buy in Kenya are 32 inch,43 inch,55 inch and above. The 24 inch TV is good but only ideal for a small house.


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