List of businesses that can make you rich quickly in Kenya


There are a couple of businesses to do in Kenya that can make you rich quickly. Some businesses will generate for you up to Ksh 1 million per day.

The downside part of these businesses is that they require high capital. But since there are financial institutions giving out loans, you can acquire one to start your preferred business.

Below is a list of businesses that can make you rich in Kenya

  • Hardware shop

Hardware shop can make you a millionaire within 3-5 years. The hardware should have a stock of more than Ksh 5 million to be assured of making a profit of Ksh 10,000 and above daily.

To start a hardware shop, you require a capital of Ksh 5 million to Ksh 20 million. The business should be set up where real estate is booming like in Nairobi, Nakuru and Eldoret.

  • Own a betting site

Create an App for betting like Sportpesa where you offer jackpots and daily betting platforms. You will become rich even within a year. To start such a business you need over Ksh 10 million as capital.

Sportpesa makes over Ksh 2 billion annually. The betting site was started in 2013.

  • Mobile loans app

Another profitable business that can easily make you a millionaire in Kenya is mobile loans app.After developing the App, make sure you are regulated to operate in Kenya. You will then start charging your customers 10% to 305 interest on loans every month.

If 10,000 people take a loan from your App with an average of Ksh 3,000.You will lend them a total of Ksh 30,000,000.Assuming you charge an interest of 10% on the loans, you will earn a profit of Ksh up to 3 million per month. Even if half of them won’t pay in time, you will still make a profit.

  • Pharmacy

Own a pharmacy that supplies products to chemists and hospitals. The pharmacy may require capital of more than Ksh 5 million but the profits you will be making are crazy. If you sell drugs worth Ksh 10 million per month, you will earn a profit of more than Ksh 1 million.

  • Sell mitumba bales

Don’t sell mitumba at retail level, import mitumba and sell them to other mitumba traders. This is one of the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya with small capital.

Mitumba bales business require a capital of Ksh 1 million to Ksh 5 million depending on the number of clients you will have.

  • Hospital

Hospitals nowadays are just in business. I think you have seen them charge even up to Ksh50, 000 for circumcision. There is no business which is as profitable as owning a hospital.

  • Real Estate Company

Real Estate companies are minting millions of money from their clients. A particular Real Estate Company buys 1 acre of land for Ksh 2 million, subdivides it into 16 plots and sells each plot for Ksh 500,000.The total amount of money earned from the plots is Ksh 6 million—if you subtract the cost of land. Minus administrative costs and taxes, the company makes over Ksh 3 million from that one acre. Assuming the company sells 10 acres per year, it will make a whopping Ksh 30 million yearly.

  • Recruiting agency for gulf employers

If you want to become rich within 1 year, start a recruiting agency for gulf employers. The capital required to start the business is Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 1 million. You will be earning a profit of Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 40,000 per person. If you recruit 100 people per month, your profit will be more than Ksh 2 million.

But you should recruit Kenyans legally to avoid controversies.

  • Own a club

Clubs like Quiver Lounge generate a lot of money. The capital injected into such a club is Ksh 30 million to Ksh 70 million. But you are assured of more than Ksh 5 million profit monthly.

  • Own international school

International schools in Kenya charge up to Ksh 3 million per year. The international school will teach mainly British curriculum. The business is extremely profitable.

  • Own a driving school

Nowadays everyone in Kenya wants to own a car. While habouring those ambitions, they enroll for driving classes. Each of them pays at least Ksh10, 000 to get trained. If you train 1,000 people per year, you will make over Ksh 10,000,000.

But for your school to get many clients, it should provide excellent services. Avoid asking bribes for people to graduate.

  • Car hire business

Another profitable business to start in Kenya that will make you rich quickly is car hire business. This also requires a lot of money to start. You need to have more than 5 cars to make decent income. Each car will be hired for Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 20,000 per day.

  • Guest houses

Avoid building apartments especially if you are aged above 50 years. Go for guest houses because it’s a more profitable business. If you build 50 guest houses and each of them generates at least Ksh5, 000 per day, you will make over Ksh 50,000 daily even when not all the houses are booked. During high season like December, you will make over Ksh 2.5 million per day from 50 guest houses.

The capital for building 50 guest houses in Nairobi is Ksh 20 million to Ksh 40 million.

  • Own a restaurant in Nairobi CBD

Look for enough capital to start a restaurant in Nairobi CBD, you will become rich within a short time. Restaurant business require a capital of Ksh 3 million to Ksh 20 million.

In Nairobi CBD, your monthly profit will not be less than Ksh 1 million.

  • Tendering business

Start the business of tendering, but avoid counties and government institutions if you don’t have someone to push for payment.

You can win one tender and become instant millionaire.

  • Become a YouTuber

Generally, online business is well paying, YouTube being one of them. You can make millions of money monthly through AdSense ads if your channel gets over 1 million views.

  • Avocado farming

Large scale avocado farming is extremely profitable. Plant avocado in more than 3 acres and export to UK and China. For those 3 acres, you will be earning a profit of more than Ksh 1 million annually.

  • Own a timber yard

Another underrated business is that of timber yard. This is a very profitable business.Once you secure required licenses and learnt how to do the business, becoming a millionaire takes a short period of time.

  • Petrol station business

You will not go wrong if you own a petrol station especially in major towns.With a capital of Ksh 10 million, you are ready to go.


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