Uji power recipe, profits and profits


Uji Power is one of the best business to do in Kenya especially in Nairobi. Most people are selling the porridge in estates, some making up to Ksh 10,000 per day.

Uji power helps men to be energetic in bed and to ensure they have energy to satisfy their women. It’s also good for lactating women and also for people who work long period of time without a break.


Cassava, njugu karanga nduma, milk na wimbi, you will boil your cassava and nduma separately, ukarange  njugu and blend the njugu separately, boil your milk separate and hot  water, you then put your cassava, nduma, njugu, wimbi flour, milk, water and sugar and you blend them together.

The uji takes 15 to 25 minutes before it’s ready for consumption.

 There are Kenyans who add mukombero to the uji but it’s not advisable since it might make people extremely aggressive.Mukombero is good when people have sexual partners.


You will spend Ksh 1,000 to prepare 20 litre of Uji but the same will yield Ksh 3,000.If you sell 40 litres daily, you will earn Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 3,000.

The uji is sold mostly in middle class estates of Nairobi like Kayole,Umoja,Kawangware,Kitengela,Rongai ,Utawala,Githura,iand Embakasi.


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