Why you should not buy clothes from Eastleigh Nairobi


Eastleigh Nairobi is where most people shop for clothes and shoes. People travel from as far as Uganda to buy clothes from the famous street. But I have my own reservations about Eastleigh.

About a decade ago, Eastleigh used to have the best quality of clothes which they sold cheaply, but over time the quality reduced. Right now, it’s better to buy from Mitumba because of quality. If you buy a jeans from Eastleigh, you will wash it only ones and it fades. The jeans will also need ironing for them to appear decent.

Another reason is that most of the clothes in Eastleigh look similar. You buy a dress and when you walk in a street, you find over 50 people wearing the same. There is an embarrassment that comes with that feeling.

The prices of products at Eastleigh are also not as cheap as they used to be. Since the sellers discovered that their products are on high demand, they hiked prices. Right now, you’ll find a dress being sold at Eastleigh for Ksh 1,200 and when you visit Naivas,the same goes for Ksh 1,400,what is the difference ?

It’s because of the substandard clothes in Eastleigh that most people have opted to go for turkey clothes.Women in Nairobi prefer Turkey dresses to Eastleigh ones because of quality.There are also various Mitumba Shops in Nairobi which sell high quality clothes,one of them is Think Twice.

With time, Eastleigh will lose its Mojo if the traders in the market don’t up their game.


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