Top Ten Richest Tribes in Kenya


Which are the 10 richest tribes in Kenya apart from Kikuyu? Here is the list:

  • Kikuyus
    • This is a Bantu tribe residing in Mt. Kenya region. They are known for their business acumen, agriculture and also large in numbers. Apart from being many, they are also known to be wealthy with top millionaires and billionaires emerging from this tribe. They are also known to be hardworking to explore things especially businesses in different areas/parts of the world.
    • Former president Kenyatta,James Mwangi and SK Macharia are among the richest Kikuyu in Kenya.
  • Asians (Indians)
    • This includes the Indians, Kalasinga etc. Hindu’s are also known for their business prowess and ability to invest in factories/industries. Most of them have created jobs for other Kenyans and solved problems through their business inventions.
  • Kalenjins
    • They are the Highland Nilotes residing in the Rift valley. Kalenjins are known for farming and athletics, they possess big lands and properties. They have also produced two presidents of Kenya.
    • President William Ruto and Moi family are among the richest Kalenjins in Kenya.
  • Somalis
    • They originated from Somalia, as you can see; they are not left behind in doing business especially importing things from Arabic countries and selling them to other Kenyans. Their hard work has put them on the map. 
  • Luo
    • The Luo people are river Lake Nilotes known for loving a high maintenance lifestyle; they are also the most learned people in Kenya. Luo’s are not many in numbers, however due to their education and sports expertise they are known to have gathered wealth in those areas.
    • Raila Odinga and Evans Kidero are among the richest Luos.
  • Luyha
    • They are Bantus residing in western Kenya, they also follow the Kikuyu;s when it comes to numbers, making it the second largest community in Kenya. The Luyhas are known for farming, great work ethics, sports and also they have a high literacy rate.
    • Musalia Mudavadi is one of the richest Luhya.
  • Kamba
    • They are Bantus residing on the Eastern/Mt Kenya region. The Kambas are about 5million in numbers, and are known for their traditions, business and farming. There are various wealthy billionaires from this tribe.
    • Kalonzo Musyoka and Mike Sonko are among the richest Kamba.
  • Kisii
    • This is a bantu tribe located in Nyanza region of Kenya. Kisii people are known for farming bananas and for curving sculptures. They are also known to be staunch SDA members, migrating abroad to the city of Minnesota and their cleverness in literacy. 
  • Meru
    • The merians are Bantus residing in Mt. Kenya. They are known for farming especially Miraa, tea and coffee. They are known to be the biggest exporters of Miraa/khat.
  • Embu
    • This is another Bantu tribe which resides in the Mt. Kenya region. The Embians are farmers known for producing Muguka, tea, beans, sorghum etc.


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