10 Investments to avoid in Kenya if you want to become a millionaire


There are 10 main investments to avoid in Kenya if you want to become a millionaire. In case you invest in one of these segments, you will automatically become poor.

  • Women

Stop having many girlfriends, just invest in one woman and marry her. Imagine you have 10 girlfriends and each of them consumes Ksh 5,000 every month. Even if your salary is Ksh 200, 000, you will always be struggling financially.

If you marry one woman and avoid having side chicks, you won’t lose your money so easily.

  • Alcohol

Avoid investing in alcohol and drugs. If possible, stop taking alcohol completely.

Alcohol leads to addiction and eventually, it will consume more than 50% of your income.

  • Avoid investing in projects you did not start.

Don’t be convinced by someone to invest in a project that you didn’t start even if its returns are good.If you do so,the owner of the project will kick you out when the project is stable.He will succeed because there are no legal documents indicating that you are the owner.Also,such project are usually complicated because you don’t understand the vision of the owner.

  • Rich quick schemes

There are several rich quick schemes online where you are told to invest a certain amount of money and make millions within a short period of time. If you spot such schemes, please run.

Someone will come and convince you that you invest Ksh500,000 in Bitcoin and within a day, you make Ksh 1 million. Who has that huge amount of money to waste?

  • Being too generous to people

Stop being too generous to people. Just because someone smiled on you, you dip your hand into your pockets and give her Ksh1,000 akule lunch!

For you to progress in life, you have to be stingy, give only when it’s necessary.

  • Gambling

One of the most destructive habits is gambling. If you get addicted to gambling, you will lose all your money and fail to invest it elsewhere.

  • Starting a business you don’t understand how to operate

Don’t start a business just because others are doing it.First learn how to operate such businesses, its profits ,risks and challenges before starting it.You may see your neighbor operating a wines and spirits shop, attracting many customers and rush to open yours next to him not knowing that her boyfriend is a police officer who protects her from harassment. Once you open yours, the police come to you daily to ask for bribe, you are forced to pay them Ksh 5,000 daily, more than the profits you make. Out of frustrations, you close.

You see someone operating a boutique, get convinced that it’s a good business. You rush to open yours. After opening for one month, you get only one client. What you didn’t know that the one who influenced you to operate is a wash was guy, he declares money from wash was as the boutique business profits to avoid being caught. For him, even if he doesn’t sell anything, he will still be making profits. His boutique shop is there to cover up his evils.

  • Buying shares in dying companies

Buying shares is a good thing but investing your money is dying companies is catastrophic. You will find someone buying shares in Tuskys, Eveready, Uchumi,Kenya Airways or Posta Kenya, companies which are not making profits and whose future is blurred. Such investment is bad and prone to losses.

  • Paying school fees for your girlfriend

If you don’t want to be disappointed in future, avoid paying school fee for your girlfriend. Most men who invest heavily on their girlfriends end up being disappointed. Let her be educated by her parents.

You should not even build a house for her parents, instead use the money to buy land and build your own house.

  • Taking loans to start a business

Taking a loans to start a new business is catastrophic. You can only take a loan to boost your business by buying more stock but not to start a new business.

This is the reason why most Kenyans have defaulted on the mobile loans.


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