Best most profitable businesses to Start in Kericho 2023/2024


Kericho is one of the best towns in Kenya to start a business. There are businesses which do well in this town even better than in Nairobi. If you want to start a business in Kericho, the following are the ideal ones:

  • Coffee shop

Start a coffee shop where you sell hot coffee and tea.Kericho is a cold town, meaning that people consume coffee and tea a lot.

You can start with a small restaurant and grow over time.

  • Bodaboda business/spare part business

Another good business to start in Kericho is bodaboda.You can buy one bodaboda and see how it performs then later add more bodaboda.

Alternatively, set up a bodaboda spare part business to help the operators access the spare part easily.

To buy one bodaboda, you need a capital of Ksh 70,000 to Ksh120, 000.

There is now way you can make losses from bodaboda business in Kericho, this is the primary means of transport.

  • Hardware shop

There are opportunities for hardware shops in Kericho. There is a lot of construction ongoing in Kericho, people are building apartments and their homes. By setting up a hardware shop which sells quality products cheaply, you are making it easier for the residents to get the construction materials.

To start a hardware shop, you need a capital of Ksh 2 million to Ksh 15 million.

  • Grocery shop

Set up a well-stocked grocery shop especially near the CBD.In Kericho food is readily available especially vegetables which you sell in your grocery. People living in apartments will buy from you.

The cost of starting a grocery shop can be as little as Ksh 10,000.

  • Chemist shop

If you are a medic, rush to Kericho and set up a chemist. This is a town with a lot of potential because the population is growing and they need drugs.

To set up a chemist, you need a capital of Ksh300, 000 and above. You have to hold at least a diploma in Pharmacy or Nursing or collaborate with someone who holds the qualifications.

  • Wines and Spirits shop

Walevi Kericho ni wengi.Take this advantage and set up wines and spirits shop. You require a capital of Ksh 120,000 to Ksh 300,000 depending on the size of your business.

Wines and spirits should will generate a profit of Ksh 1,000 and above daily.

  • Online taxi business

There is also huge demand for online taxi business in Kericho. Buy a car for Ksh 300k to Ksh 700k and connect it with an App like Uba, Bolt or Wasili.You will make at least Ksh 800 daily from the business.

  • Butchery business

In Kericho, butchery business is also very profitable, it’s also among the easiest businesses to start. With just Ksh 70, 000, you are ready to go.

  • Salon & Kinyozi

If your capital is not huge, plan on setting salon & kinyozi businesses. You will be surprised how fast they will pick. With just Ksh 200, 000, you will be able to set up the two businesses.

  • MPESA and bank agency businesses

Though people say that MPESA business is flooded, Kericho is still one of the ideal places to set up the business. Make sure it’s not MPESA alone you start, incorporate bank agency business.

The good thing about MPESA shop is that you’ll start making profits from the first day.

  • Agrovet

Start selling food for livestock, fertilizer, farming tools, seeds, insecticides and pesticides. This means that you set up and agrovet.Most people in Kericho are farmers, agrovet is important for them because they will source the products from your shop.

  • Farming

Buy land in Kericho and start farming. There is plenty of rain in this town and you will definitely experience pamper harvest.


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