Richest Preachers in Africa


Do you know the richest preachers in Africa?Here is a complete list led by David Oyedepo

  • David Oyedepo; It is estimated that Bishop David Oyedepo is worth $150 million. He is now the richest preacher in Africa, according to Forbes. The founder and current bishop of Faith Bible Church International, also known as Winners Chapel, is Bishop David Oyedepo. The church has grown to become one of the biggest Christian congregations in both Nigeria and the entire world since its founding in 1983. Given that it is present in more than 65 countries and has more than 20,000 branches worldwide, you can be assured of this accomplishment.

Among Nigeria’s top private universities are Landmark University, Covenant University, and Crown University, all of which are owned by Bishop Oyedepo. Bishop David Oyedepo not only preaches the gospel at the Living Faith Bible Church, but he is also an architect, an educator, a businessman, and the author of some of the best-selling religious (Christian) books in the nation. In addition, he oversees DPH, Dominion House Publishing Limited. Oyedepo’s other properties include secondary schools, bakeries, gas stations, real estate, shopping centers, restaurants, four private aircrafts and other enterprises.

  • Prophet Shepherd Bushiri; Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is one of the richest ministers of God in Africa, with a net worth of $150 million. Shepherd Bushiri is the founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering, a church in Malawi, South-Eastern Africa. He is also a pastor and preacher. He’s referred to as “The Major One.”

Due to the enormous number of worshippers and members in his church, Prophet Bushiri is well-known throughout Malawi. In his native country, he is a well-known politician as well as a revered religious leader. The Botswana government shut down Shepherd Bushiri’s church after he made claims that he could give believers money via miracles. A $37 million private plane and a fleet of sports automobiles belong to Prophet Bushiri. He also participates in other businesses, the popular ones being SB investments which have placed him as the head of the Africa’s leading business persons.

  • Pastor Enoch A Adeboye; One of the wealthiest pastors in Africa is Pastor Enoch Adeboye. The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God is known as Daddy G.O. Adeboye joined the R.C.C.G. in 1971 as an interpreter following the passing of the church’s founder, PA. Akindayomi, and was later appointed General Overseer.

Since taking on the role of R.C.C.G.’s General Overseer, Pastor Adeboye has worked relentlessly to build the church, which has gained recognition on a global scale. R.C.C.G. today operates in 196 nations, with more than 14,000 outlets in Nigeria alone. The church owns a private plane, Redeemers University, and Dove TV, a digital satellite television broadcasting service that aims to reach millions of Christians.

  • Bishop Ayo OtiseJafo; The spirit-filled man of God is a ubiquitous symbol throughout Christendom. Bishop Ayo Otisejafor, also referred to as Papa Ayo, is a revered man of God who has been sharing the gospel for about 40 years. In Nigeria, he serves as the pastor of Word of Life Bible Church. He was the Nigerian Christian Association’s fifth president from 2010 until 2016.

In 1979, he started preaching. His estimated net worth is $110 million. His wealth is derived from host annual bonuses, his satellite network, the African Broadcasting Network (ABN), and many Christian periodicals. Over a hundred different countries around the world have heard him preach.

  • Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; With a total net worth of $50 million, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of Africa’s richest preachers. He is the creator of the Christ Embassy, also known as the Believer’s Loveworld International, which has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

He started the church in 1987 as a university fellowship while still a student at Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. Chris Oyakhilome is also known for his charity endeavors, as well as his moral and benevolent deeds for the underprivileged.

  • Prophet Uebert Angel; Prophet Ubert is the richest preacher in Zimbabwe and one of the richest people in Africa, with a net worth of $50 million. In the United Kingdom, where he also resides, he formed the Spirit Embassy, a Pentecostal congregation. The Good News Church 2015 replaced the 2007-founded Spirit Embassy as the organization’s name in 2015. Over the years, his church has expanded to rank among the biggest in the United Kingdom.

Ubert Angel the Prophet has a huge investment portfolio. He is known to be the owner of numerous commercial and residential properties worth millions of dollars. He also enjoys driving luxury cars, and he owns three vehicles totaling more than $5 million: a Range Rover, a Lamborghini, and a Rolls Royce.

  • Tshifinwa Irene; The richest female pastor in Africa, Preacher Irene, with a net worth of $42 million. She is the founder and senior pastor of Divine Truth World Restoration Services for World Peace by Jesus Christ. Pastor Irene was a banker for Standard Bank of South Africa from 1990 to 2001. She left her banking job in late 2001 to start her church in South Africa. She broadcasts to a global audience via a DSTV channel, and her ministry is one of the biggest in South Africa.
  • Pastor Ray Macaulay; In South Africa, Ray Macaulay enjoys a lot of popularity. He has a net worth of more than $29 million, making him one of the wealthiest pastors in Africa. He established the Rhema Bible Church, whose headquarters are in South Africa, and is currently its lead pastor. Ray also holds a number of other posts, including co-chairman and chairman, respectively, of the South African National Interfaith Councils and the International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC).
  • The late T.B Joshua; Pastor Temitope Balogun is from Nigeria. One of the most well-known and successful pastors in Africa is Joshua, also referred to as T.B. Joshua. Despite his recent passing, he had a net worth of $15 million. The Church of All Nations Synagogue was founded by him.

Additionally, the well-known television network “Emmanuel TV,” owned by his ministry, exists. Given that his videos have had over 300 million views, T.B Joshua was regarded as the most well-liked pastor on YouTube. Thousands of religious followers from all across Africa travel to his Lagos headquarters to visit his church, which also serves as a major tourist destination, in search of signs and wonders.

  • Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo; The proprietor and senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) is Matthew Ashimolowo. There are locations of this church in Maryland, Nigeria, and London. At the age of 20, he converted from Islam to Christianity and started working as a full-time minister in 1991. With over 12,000 people attending each Sunday, his church is now among the biggest in the UK. According to a Forbes assessment, Pastor Ashimolowo’s net worth is estimated to be between $6 and $10 million. Additionally, his church has assets worth more than $40 million.
  • Pastor Alph Lukau; He is another well-known African pastor from South Africa who has millions of adherents over the globe. The founder and pastor of Alleluia Ministries International, one of the largest churches in the world today, is Alph Lukau. It’s interesting to note that Alph Lukau, who is only 47 years old, is among the continent of Africa’s youngest scholars of the Bible. As of 2019, his estimated net worth was above $1 billion.

Alph Lukau is wed to Mama Celeste, a wonderful minister as well. Based on our analysis, it is clear that his money comes from a variety of sources besides his church. He also makes a living as a writer, public speaker, and owner of a TV station.

  • Pastor Samuel Adeyemi; Senior Pastor Samuel Adeyemi oversees the Daystar Christian Centre, a sizable church in Lagos, Nigeria. Pastor Adeyemi is well known for his charismatic leadership and teaching abilities. On February 3, 1967, he was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

With thousands of members and multiple campuses spread over Nigeria, the Daystar Christian Center, founded in 1995 by Pastor Adeyemi and his wife, Nike Adeyemi, has grown to become one of the biggest and most significant churches in that country. The church is well known for emphasizing excellence, community impact, and leadership development.

  • Pastor Lazarus Muoka; Pastor Lazarus Muoka is in charge of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, a Pentecostal congregation that is quickly growing in Nigeria. Pastor Muoka is well-known for his distinctive preaching style, as well as his ministries of miraculous healing and deliverance. He was born on October 2nd 1948, in Mgbidi, Imo State, Nigeria.

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement was established by Pastor Muoka in 2002 and has since grown rapidly, with branches and followers dispersed across Nigeria and other countries. The church is well known for its upbeat services, holiness-centered emphasis, and social welfare programs. With large assets in real estate and other businesses, Pastor Muoka is regarded as one of the richest pastors in Africa. However, he is also renowned for his charitable endeavors, which include setting up learning facilities, hospitals and welfare programs for the poor. Moreover, his nets worth details are not yet in public domain his wealth and influence ranks him among the top richest pastors.

  • Ayodele Papa Ayo Otisejafo,; also known as Joseph Oritsegbubemi Oritsejafor, is the founder and Senior Pastor of Word of Life Bible Church in Warri, Nigeria. The bishop is referred to as Papa Ayo by his adherents. The Nigerian preacher began giving sermons in 1979 and has held numerous roles in various churches. He previously held the position of president of the Nigerian Christian Association and is currently the lead pastor of Word of Life Bible Church. Because of the money he makes from his satellite television station, The African Broadcasting Network (ABN), Ayo has become one of the wealthiest African preachers. He also owns a few houses and enterprises. Take a quick look at this. An exclusive Bombardier Challenger 601 aircraft several luxurious vehicles, such as a long limousine and a landcruiser.
  • Chris Okotie; The estimated net worth of Pastor Chris Okotie is $8 million. He is one of Nigeria’s richest pastors and also in Africa. After being cheated out of the National Democratic Party (NDP) primary elections, Okotie first campaigned for president under the banner of the Justice Party (JP), led by Ralph Obiorah; he lost to Olusegun Obasanjo in the May 2003 elections. In the May 2007 elections, he campaigned once more on the platform of the Fresh Democratic Party, which he created, but was defeated by Umaru Yar’Adua. Later, in 2011, he ran against President Goodluck Jonathan but lost.

Okotie is a frequent contributor to numerous Nigerian newspapers and the author of several books.


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