Lee Funeral Home Owner Profile and Charges


One of the few funeral homes that British nationals living in Kenya can rely on to do an excellent job of preparing their loved ones for their final rites is The Lee Funeral Home. The top funeral homes, according to the British High Commission in Nairobi, are two in Mombasa and one in Nairobi.

The commission prefers the Lee Funeral since its personnel speak English. For anyone who needs assistance while they are mourning, communication is crucial not only for the British. The Lee Funeral Home is joined by the Tonny Funeral services and Janam Funeral services which are situated in Mombasa alongside other services that make it a popular choice for the British.

Owner Profile

John Stuart Lee, the company’s founder and CEO is the owner of the Lee Funeral Home which was established in 1987.  Lee previously claimed in an interview that Nairobi is where he was born, reared and educated. After finishing his education in Nairobi, he said he travelled to UK where he joined the police force. He was employed by the police and given a job at a Cambridge hospital where he learned and acquired the necessary knowledge of running a funeral home.

Lee returned to Kenya in 1968 he started a new era of morgues. The city mortuary was the major facility back then and Lee claimed that it was in a terrible condition and that various people asked him to help them set up a funeral home because they, the people didn’t want to take their people to the city mortuary.

Interestingly the late Charles Njonjo played a significant role in establishing the Lee funeral home due to his preference for the finer things in life, including the British culture itself. Lee also claims that his work at the Nairobi Hospital holding room and the City mortuary led to the creation of the Lee Funeral Home. “Sir Charles Njonjo, who was then the chairman of the Nairobi Hospital, called me up and asked if I would like to build a funeral parlor on the grounds of Nairobi Hospital while I was working out of the city mortuary and the holding room at Nairobi Hospital before we built where we are now at the Nairobi Hospital. So in 1987, while the republic of Kenya was celebrating its 25th anniversary of independence, we constructed the current Lee Funeral Home on the hospital grounds and we officially opened in 1988.’’ Lee said.

The funeral Home Charges

Lee Funeral Home is among the first funeral homes in East Africa, it has expanded throughout time as the need for its services has increased. Within Nairobi, the funeral home would charge you anywhere from ksh.5000 to ksh.3000 each day for storage in addition to ksh.5000 pick up the body from home. The funeral home’s coffins prices range from ksh.35000 to ksh.130000.

It Costs ksh.5000 to handle the body which includes washing and dressing, but a jaguar hearse would cost at least ksh.130000 to transfer you within Nairobi. The requirements and needs of those requesting services at the funeral home will determine any additional fees. According to these packages the rich and famous may still afford to spend the money as it is only a small bit of change. However the owner of the Lee Funeral Home sees it as his responsibility to provide the grieving with a live funeral home that will provide first rate care and attention to the departed until either cremation or interment is performed.


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