Maternity Charges for Leading Hospitals in Nairobi


Here is the amount of money hospitals in Nairobi charge for maternity services

  • Agha Khan Hospital (Agha Khan University Hospital)

Modern teaching hospital The Agha Khan University Hospital is situated in Parklands, Nairobi. Due to its skilled medical personnel and high standards of care, this private hospital may be the best in East and Central Africa. The heart and cancer Centre, the first of its type in East Africa is one of its highlight departments.  Five operating rooms, 23 intensive care unit, a separate coronary intensive care unit, a neonatal intensive care unit and two radiation therapy units for cancer treatment are all part of the facility at the Jimmy Sayani Building. Even more outstanding are its other apartments.

The maternity charges for vaginal delivery range from ksh.120000 while the caesarian delivery is ksh.220000 and above.

  • Nairobi Hospital

Their maternity delivery packages ranges from ksh.90000 normal delivery to 190000 caesarian delivery. Along Argwings Kodhek Road in Upperhill lies this private hospital. Under one roof, this hospital provides a vast array of medical treatments. Six operating rooms are available at the institution where a variety of procedures are performed, including open heart surgery, neurological surgery, organ transplants and laparoscopic procedures. 13 beds total in their intensive care unit, 3 of which are isolated rooms with round-the-clock medical staffing.  

  • MP Shah Hospital

The 240-bed Meghji Pethraj Shah Hospital is situated in Parklands along Shivaji Road. The hospital includes five operating rooms where all of the major sub-specialties of surgery, such as maxillofacial/reconstructive surgery are performed. The charges for normal delivery is ksh.88000, elective caesarean package is ksh.198200 and elective caesarean package ksh.224150.

  • Karen Hospital

Along Langáta Road in Karen is where you can find the Karen Hospital. This facility, despite being among the newest in the nation, provides a comprehensive range of medical treatments, including plastic and cosmetic surgery. In comparison to other private hospitals in the nation, their fees are reasonable and their other departments are equally excellent.

The maternity package

Normal Delivery

  • General ward: ksh.100000
  • Private ksh.120000
  • Executive ksh.160000

Caesarean Section Delivery

  • General ward: ksh.200000
  • Private: sh.230000
  • Executive: khs.286500
  • The Mater Misericordiae Hospital

A group of irish Catholic nuns founded the Mater Misericordiae Hospital in 1962. The hospital has expanded since then to offer a variety of medical treatment, including a cardiac program and other specialized services. You can receive medical treatments from medical consultants at the hospital’s specialty clinics. The mater Misericordiae Hospital also contains operating rooms where a variety of procedures, including pediatric heart surgery are carried out. Through the Mater Heart Fund, patients who are unable to pay can also receive free surgery.

Normal Delivery – ksh.90000

Caesarian Section – 165000

  • Avenue Hospital

The avenue hospital which is situated at 1st Parklands Avenue in Nairobi, provides some of the top maternity treatments a prospective mother could hope for. These prices range from ksh.30000 for a standard delivery to ksh.130000 for the ABC (Antenatal care, birth till childcare) maternity package and ksh.40000 for a delivery by a midwife.

  • Nairobi Women’s Hospital

For mothers who don’t need an obstetrician the standard delivery package costs ksh.30000. The package includes labor room and nursing fees, a hospital bed for the mother and child, medications and bandages and a first round of vaccinations. Vacuum, difficult deliveries, medicines used to induce labor when necessary, physicians and caesarean sections are not included. Costs ksh.40000 for the standard delivery package plus an obstetrician and pediatrician (initial inspection).

  • Nairobi West Hospital

The Nairobi West Hospital is situated off Mombasa Road on Gandhi Avenue in Nairobi’s South C neighborhood. It is fully staffed with medical professionals to guarantee that every expectant mother receives the best care possible during the prenatal, labor, and postpartum phases. Normal deliveries cost Ksh.55000. Diagnostic services, a two-day hospital stay, and lodging in the general ward are all included in the package. Ksh.168000 is the price of the caesarian delivery bundle. The caesarean section package includes a four-day hospital stay, admission to the operating room, surgeon and anaesthetic fees, pediatric and gynecological assessments, immunizations, medications, and supplies. Both packages come with doctor delivery.

  • The Mediheal Group of Hospitals

The charges for normal delivery is about ksh.50000 and for the caesarian delivery is ksh.120000. With development ambitions across the continent, Mediheal Group Hospital is the largest healthcare provider in East Africa, delivering a wide range of integrated healthcare services from clinics to hospitals to tertiary care.

  • The Kenyatta National Hospital

This is the best referral hospital in East and Central Africa, a governmental hospital in Nairobi. With a bed capacity of 1800, it is Kenya’s largest old hospital. On the private wing of this hospital the maternity charges costs ksh.55000 for normal delivery inclusive of 3days and general bed ward service.  

  • Ruai Family Hospital (RFH)

They have fair prices when it comes to maternity charges. The normal vaginal delivery is ksh.40000 and ksh.120000 for caesarian section and ksh.60000 with gynecologist assistance. This hospital has various branches within the Nairobi region.  

  • AAR Hospital

This hospital has a 140-bed capacity that is situated on the Kiambu road across from Karura Forest, which seeks to provide patients with an exceptional patient experience both in-patient and outpatient services. The maternity services charges range from ksh.98700 for normal delivery and ksh.210000 for caesarian section.

  • The Coptic Mission Hospital

Along Ngong Road, the Coptic Hospital is situated across from China Center. For mothers looking for a faith-based medical facility to deliver their kids, the institution should be at the top of their list. A full-service hospital run by the Coptic Orthodox Church is called Coptic. The hospital offers outstanding gynecological exams, antenatal care, and postpartum clinics for expectant mothers. Additionally, it has maternity and children’s facilities. Maternity fees at the facility are Ksh.50000 for a natural delivery and Ksh.140000 for a caesarian section.

  • Guru Nanak Hospital

This hospital is situated in Pangani Nairobi. They offer a wide range of medical services. Their maternity package costs; ksh.45000 for normal delivery and ksh.155000 for the caesarian section.

  • St Mary’s Mission Hospital

It is situated near Police Dog Unit Rd in Langata Nairobi, the maternity services costs are ksh.18000-ksh.25000 for normal delivery and ksh.40000-ksh.60000 caesarian section.


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