Best eye clinics and hospitals in Kenya


If you have eye problems, there are clinics you should visit in Kenya for treatment. Below is a list of the best eye clinics and hospitals in Kenya:

  1. Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

One of Nairobi’s top eye hospitals is Dr. Agarwal’s eye hospital.You can rely on the expertise of their eye specialists because they have been providing eye care services for more than 60 years. They offer several optical services, such as:

  • Anti VEGF agents
  • Medical retina
  • Glaucoma
  • Pharmacy
  • Ocular
  • General ophthalmology
  • Diabetic Retinopathy

Contact; +254 789 103 101

  • PCEA Kikuyu Hospital

A weekday (6.30 am–3 pm) outpatient eye unit clinic is available at Kikuyu Hospital. The institution attracts many people with eye problems in Kenya since it provides a comprehensive range of eye diagnostic services at significantly reduced costs. When necessary, the hospital also gives patients low-vision devices like magnifiers and telescopes. They provides services in various areas including; General Ophthalmic Services, pediatric/squint services, vitreo-retinal services etc.


020 -2044767




  • The Lions Sightfirst Eye Hospital

Lions Sightfirst is unquestionably among the best eye hospitals in Kenya if you’re seeking for one. One of the local community’s oldest philanthropic groups, Lions Club Kenya, is in charge of running the hospital. With a staff of dedicated eye care specialists providing patients with high-quality treatment and care, the hospital has focused on providing complete eye care services. Notably, the organization has developed into one of the largest eye hospitals in the region of East Africa (they have outreach programs and clinics in many regions).


+254 728 970 601

+254 733 619 191

+254 020 422 6000

  • Lighthouse for Christ Eye Center

Another fantastic choice for all of your optical need is lighthouse. This Christian-based hospital offers everyone access to both medical and surgical eye care that can save their sight. There area of services include; Phaco Emulsification, corneal/scleral perforation, lid repair, corneal scrapping etc.


+254 041 2226179

+254 041 2220018

  • Eye and U

Eye and U is a cutting-edge eye hospital that offers a variety of eye care services all under one roof. They have made significant investments in eye care technologies. The best part is that they have expanded their team with knowledgeable Indian eye surgeons and specialists to enable them deal with challenging local eye issues. They offer reasonably priced charges for all of their eye care services.


+254 786 202 020

+254 718 202 020

  • City eye Hospital

If you want to receive care at the top eye clinic in Kenya, City Eye Hospital should also be taken into account (it is one of the best). The hospital has been receiving wonderful reviews from delighted patients and is dedicated to offering top-notch, secure, and economical eye treatment to everyone. The facility offers one of Kenya’s greatest optical shops as well as a wide selection of eyewear from the newest top brands and fashions. There area of service include; cataract correction, glaucoma management, diabetic eye disease management etc.


+254 707 777 707

+254 738 777 705

  • Getrude’s Children Hospital (Eye clinic for children)

A group of highly skilled ophthalmologists and nurses are standing by to provide your younger children as well as older kids with the best eye diagnostics and treatment services.

  • Eagle eye laser Center

Another place for expert eye treatment is Eagle Eye treatment, where you may find some of Kenya’s top opticians. The facility operates multiple optical stores in the city in addition to offering eye treatment services of various types, including surgery.


+254 717 120 208

+254 715 186 034

  • Sabatia Eye hospital

For people in Western Kenya, Sabatia Eye Hospital is a well-known, non-profit eye care center that is situated in Vihiga County. They provide both outpatient and inpatient eye care, such as management and therapy, slit-lamp examination, refraction, fundoscopy examination, visual acuity, and tonometry. The hospital also collaborates with nearby universities to offer quick courses in ophthalmology.


+254 202 393 883

+254 723 721 316

  1. Laser Eye Centre Limited

Another prestigious eye clinic is Laser Eye, which employs some of the most skilled and devoted ophthalmologists in the nation. In fact, Dr. Mukesh Josh, the medical director here, is regarded as a pioneer in ophthalmic surgery throughout the region of East Africa. They currently feature a cutting-edge “No Touch, No Cut” laser vision technology designed to assist clients in quickly getting rid of glasses.


+254 20 444 9487/8

+254 722 526 698

  1. M.P Shah Hospital –  Eye Clinic

In Nairobi’s Parklands neighborhood, the hospital is situated along Shivachi Road. The clinic provides a broad variety of eye exams as well as services for age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, intraocular lens implants, glaucoma therapy, eyelid surgery, refractive procedures, retinal laser surgery, and paediatric eye care.

  1. Upper Hill Eye and Laser Centre

On the second floor of Nairobi’s Upper Hill Medical Center is a top-notch eye clinic. The clinic provides services such as glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, macular hole surgery, retinal detachment surgery, corneal transplants, eyelid and orbit surgery, and other eye tests.


+254 714 617 782

+254 736 329 348

  1. Westalnds Laser eye hospital

Some of the services they render include; squint, lasik and retinal surgery, glaucoma, cataract. Complete eye examination, cornea surgery etc. they are situated on the 2nd floor Westside towes, lower kabete rd in Nairobi.


+254 703 112 233

+254 787 121 212

  1. Muthaiga Eye Clinic

They offer the following services; eye examinations, glasses fitting and prescription, glaucoma treatment, diabetic retinopathy, cataract treatment etc. they are located on Doctors plaza 1st floor, room 4, getrudes children hospital in Muthaiga Nairobi.


+254 722 734 612

+254 736 575 068

  1. Maxivision Eye Clinic

They offer services in the following areas; cataract, pediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology etc. they are located on IPS building, 3rd floor wing A in Nairobi.


+254 748 013 907


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