Profile of Raila Odinga’s Children


Raila Odinga has a total of 4 children. Below are the profiles of each of his children:

  • Fidel Castro Odhiambo Odinga

Born; 1973

Spouse; Gatachew Bekele (2012-2015)

Date of Burial; 10th January 2015

The late Fidel has 3 siblings that is, Rosemary Odinga, Raila Odinga junior and Winnie Odinga.

He was the first born son to the Prime Minister Raila Odinga. He studied marketing and business management at South Eastern University in Washington USA. He attended his post-secondary education in India for a whole year before transferring to USA where he lived and worked.

Fidel also managed the family business the East African Spectre Limited. He also owned properties and businesses of his in real estate and petroleum industry etc.

He was married to his first wife but later divorced and got married again to an Eritrean woman Getachew Bekele together they had a son. Fidel was known to attend social events and his friendly nature. It was also alleged that his father Raila was grooming him for politics in order to succeed him

Rosemary Odinga;

Born; August 13th 1977

Education; Howard University of Dallas

Occupation; Snail Farmer, entrepreneur

She is the 2nd born in her family, and she is known for her entrepreneurial skills. She is reported to be the biggest snail farmer in the larger East Africa.

Rosemary is also known for promoting social equality and alternative agriculture. In 2017 Rosemary campaigned for Kibra parliamentary seat, however she had to stop and seek medical treatment for two aneurysms and a stroke. She later

She hopes to come back as soon as she is completely healed.  Moreover when it comes to her marriage life, Rosemary is a divorced and parenting her own child that she had while still married to Amos Ndanyi.

  • Raila Odinga Junior

Born; 1979

Education; University of Wales, University of Leeds

Occupation; Business man

He began as an accountant having studied and graduated with an Honors’ degree in Business Administration from the University of Wales. He also proceeded to earn Msc in Finance from Leeds University. Raila is an upcoming business person in his father’s empire. He is married to Yvonne Wambui and together they have two children. Junior was discovered to have a non-cancerous tumour at the back of his head in 1985, which would have an impact on his nervous system. In other developments, he has already expressed an opinion on the legalization of marijuana saying that he would support it because it is used medicinally to treat conditions like patient’s agony.

  • Winnie Odinga

Born; 1990

Education; University of Philadelphia

Occupation; Entrepreneur

She is the last born of the four children and very active in supporting her father Raila Odinga. Winnie has been active in politics campaigning for his father presidential bid. She also works with EALA after winning. Previously she had been nominated to the regional legislative assembly. Winnie has come under fire over her statements previously with Kenyans on twitter not sparing her remarks, for instance when she claimed she will get married in statehouse if her father won the presidential election.


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