List of Best Paint Manufacturers in Kenya


Below is a list of best paint manufactures in Kenya:

  • Royal Paints;

Contact: +254 733 200 200

                 +254 787 500 500

                   +254 709 102 111

It is a leading paint manufacturer which is Kenyan owned, it is also dedicated to producing the highest caliber paints and wallpaper for its clients. This business has been wooing the market for the last pas years that it has been operating.

The paints are made using the greatest technology and are environmentally friendly, aiming to give clients just the best. Moreover, purchasing paint from the Royal Paint is a simple process. To choose the best paint one must go to the royal paint website, fill out a form and receive guidance.

  • Kansai Plascon;

Contact; +254 733 687 074

                 +254 722 480 576

                 +254 730 699 000

The leading paint manufacturer Kansai Plascon was founded in Japan in 1918 and now has operations in Kenya. In 2017, Kansai Plascon acquired Sadolin paints and as a result entered the Kenyan market. Kansai has also produced some of the most avant-garde paint colours and tints in its 50yrs in the business. Additionally, Kansai Plascon paints not only provides the best paints possible for its clients but it also hosts the best colour run in Kenya. Moreover a variety of applications for its paints exist including those in the automotive, mining, protective coating industrial and ornamental fields.

  • Crown Paints;

Contact; +254 709 887 000

This company is among the top paint producers in Kenya. This corporation produces roughly 2million litres of paint per month and had a 2017 revenue of 7.3billion to back its claim to this title. This business provides the market with more than just paint. To assist its clients in making the best decisions, it has showrooms spread out over the globe.

Crown Paints offers a wide range of automotive and textured paints including Ruff N’ Tuff, in addition to several decorative paints for residential and commercial usage.  Furthermore, this business provides a variety of tools to aid clients in making wise judgements. These tools include the paint calculator, colour, visualizer, online paint store, colour chat and crown colour app.

  • Galaxy Paints;

Contacts; +254 726 958 595

                    +254 736 222 236

Like crown paints, Galaxy paints is one of the first businesses to be created in Kenya. According to its popularity and revenue, this company is currently among Kenya’s top ten manufacturers. Recently, Rubio Monocot, a market leader in wood coatings and stain removers was bought by Galaxy Paints. Galaxy paint has expanded the services it offers to its clients as a result.

  • Basco Paints;

Contacts; +254 733 339 940

                  +254 722 204 300

Duracoat paints, a brand of paint that Basco paints produces in Kenya are well known. This business was founded in 1976. Per manufacturing shift, it can create more than 5million litres of paint. Due to its widespread distribution throughout Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda the DRC Congo, South Sudan and Burundi, Duracoat paint is well known as an East Africa brand. Moreover, Basco Paints which trains painters as part of its corporate responsibility is responsible for the expansion of professionally educated painters in Kenya.

  • United Paints;

Contact; +254 722 879 121

This paint company is among the leading manufacturers in the country. The company catchphrase, “’the spring of beauty,” is well known. This company is situated in Kariobangi south, kagundo rd.

  • Solai Paints;

Contact; +254 715 999 777

Solai paints was founded in 1990. It is entirely owned by Kenyans and works in the production and distribution of paints. In addition to offering paints, Solai paints also deals with a variety of building supplies, including sinks, toilets, floor and wall tiles, roofing materials and other products.

  • Nayan Paints;

Contacts; +254 20559838

They deal with the automotive paints, Nayan Paints is among the paint companies in Kenya.

  • Novel Paints;

Contact; +254 708 114 276

Novel paints is only a decorative paint specialist given that it has been operating in Kenya since 2001, it is included on the list of paint businesses.

  • Nasib Paints;

Contact; +254 724 256 919

                 +254 722 644 323

Glory paints is produced by Nasib Paints. The ornamental, automotive, adhesives, wood treatments, primers and thinners are the company’s areas of expertise. it is important to note that since 1992 Naisib paints has been doing business in Kenya. Nasib paints has also increased its markets share over time, making it one of Kenya’s major suppliers of paint goodies.

  • Ideal Manufacturing Company;

Contact; +254 717 412 588

                  +254 733 412 588

They distribute and manufacture a variety of decorative, wood finish, industrial and automotive paints and also the wide-ranging hardware supplies.


Contact; +254 792 220 555

This is a certified company that deals with adhesives, surface coatings and best premium putty, manufacturing of various products paint products.


Contact; 020 7780940

This company is situated in Kariobangi and it is known for manufacturing a wide range of paint, industrial services and distribution.

  • Berger Paints Kenya

Contact; +254 20 53 4881

This is an international company with the one located in Nairobi as a branch. They deal with a wide range of paint products.

  • United Paints

Contact; +254 722 879 121

They offer one of the best beauty paints and deal with a wide range of paint products. They are situated in Kagundo road in Nairobi.


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