List of Estates where the Rich live in Nakuru


Which are the richest estates in Nakuru City?Well,if you want to live in Nakuru,below are some of the best estates to live in:

  • Milimani Estate

The county’s wealthiest individuals reside on this estate. Super-rich individuals are drawn to the estate’s setting because of its topography and proximity to town Centre. Residents of the area can view stunning flamingos at Lake Nakuru. The tarmacked roads are available to estate inhabitants who pay an average of ksh.30 million for an acre and ksh.60million for a mansion in the Milimani estate. The majority of people in Nakuru described the estate as Karen in Nairobi, with a peaceful atmosphere. The extraordinary well-built homes of Milimani Estate draw foreign visitors. Due to the low population on the estate, the area is secured. Additionally the inhabitants have an access to goods in close proximity such as at the Sarova Woodland Hotel, Naivas Mall etc.

  • Section 58

In Nakuru, the estate comes in second for better road systems and opulent structures. The neighborhood used to be inhabited by Kenyan Indian post-colonialists. Both Kenyan-Asians and native Kenyans are currently residing on the estate. For more than ten years, section 58 estate has drawn many foreigners to the region. The estate includes a number of educational institutions, the Naivas Mall and a shopping area with reasonably priced goods. The estate is more private because there aren’t many commercial properties there.

  • Langa Langa Estate

The houses build around this area are individually owned. Langa Langa has enough security, better roads, water and spacious houses. One can also easily access these places; the Menengai Crater’s Viewpoint, Nyayo Gardens Park. It is also a good area to do agribusiness, this is because of the rift valley climate conditions which are favorable, agrovet business and many more.

  • White House Estate

The estate’s name was inspired by a bar that had a mural of the white house in America. Kenyans make up the majority of the population. The 24hour economy of the area is another reason why foreigners enjoy it. The estate enables matatus which operate till mid night, entrance. A middle-class community can be seen in the neighborhood which has attracted more people to live there. The 7D lounge which is easily accessible by visitors is next to the estate.

  • London Estate

It is known to be a middle-class estate, however there are wealthy people who prefer this area of residence. This area is also occupied by business individuals. It is a commercial estate.

  • Naka Estate

This estate is among the best is Nakuru County. It is placed at the most strategic place along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway which is 5km from the Nakuru central business district. This estate is dominated by the wealthy people because of the well-finished houses built apart from this, this area is secure to those who live in it with the police dog training unit.

  • Satellite Estate

This is another estate where there is a mix of the wealthy and the middle class. This is an area to do agriculture, there are businesses people residing here. A serene place to reside and buy a land to build a family home.

  • Bahati Estate

This is another area which is known for its fertility, farming here is practiced and it does extremely well. The houses here are individually owned with very few given up for rentals. The areas easily accessible while living in this place are; the farmland tours that really look good to the eyes and the Blue Bay Hotel for relaxation moments.

  • Lanet Estate

This estate has an airstrip in it with secure roads, schools and houses. Here you will find the Barracks and also of military airstrip. It is situated 5km away for the central business district of Nakuru. One relaxation place that is easily accessible in this area is the Lanet Matfarm Resort which offers the best services and a serene environment for your enjoyment.

  • Greensteds

This estate is known to have the best schools, roads and hospitals. It is situated 15km away from the central business district of Nakuru. The Greensteds international schools is one of the best in the area with both the local and international students present. This estate is preferred by people who love a quiet, semi-rural life.

  • Kabarak Estate

Daniel Moi, Kenya’s second president before he passed resided in this area in an opulent mansion. Away from the CBD, the region offers a settlement and farming area. The region offers a settlement and farming area. The estate has grown significantly over the past few years, which has a favorable impact on the economy of the county and Kenya as a whole.

  • Ngata Estate

Ngata and the neighborhood is full of people who are in entrepreneurship world in Nakuru including some of the politicians who reside here.

  • Kiamunyi

Key individuals who reside in Kaimunyi include Francis Kimemia and Francis Atwoli. This estate is one of the greatest to live in, however the issue is that there is not enough water for everybody.


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