List of Estates Where the Rich Live in Mombasa


Mombasa is one of the biggest cities in Kenya and it has several estates. Below is a list of estates where the rich live:

  • Nyali; Nyali is a terrific area to be if you want to enjoy the calm and the upscale lifestyle with quick access to shopping centres, restaurants, golf courses and entertainment venues. It draws people with excellent standards of living from both the wealthy and middle class since it provides a high standard of living and a choice of housing options. Anyone who wants to fly in and out of Mombasa without issue can take use of the area’s convenient location along the highway on Mombasa’s North shore.

   Additionally as the location of some of the city’s most opulent hotels, resorts and villas. Most of the villas and apartments provide the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and stunning white-sand beaches dotted with palm trees. Nyali Executive Residential Area, which features lovely, roomy residences, is home to well-known estates. If you want to reside somewhere with a stunning view of the ocean, choose Nyali Plaza Estate, Milimani Estate, The Sandalwood or the Palms near Nyali Beach South point.

  These residential communities have safe move in ready homes, some of which are furnished completely. These residences are accessible both temporarily and permanently. These residential communities also provide you the freedom to travel about the area; a walk along Nyali’s where sand beaches or a trip to the Mamba village will undoubtedly be an exciting adventure.

  • Tudo; Another expensive neighborhood to take into account while relocating to Mombasa is Tudor, which is also one of the nicest locations to live in Kenya. It is located north of Mombasa, bordered by Tudor Creek to the northeast and Jomo Kenyatta Avenue to the southwest. The Technical University of Mombasa resides on the estate and because of its proximity to Tudor, living there is fairly reasonable.

This does not imply, however that the region lacks stunning and opulent villas, flats and homes. You can purchase a luxurious home that will satisfy your family’s wants and expectations based on your financial constraints.  Along Tom Mboya Road, with Tudor Beach in the background are some of the most sought-after residential buildings, the Swahili Gem apartments, Tudor Gem Apartments and Goldstar Apartments are just a few examples. Along Steve Biko Avenue and Msaada Avenue you can also discover lovely homes. Tudor is the ideal location to take into consideration if you’re seeking for one of the greatest estates in Mombasa to relocate to, a tranquil area where you can take advantage of all the advantage of living close to Kenya’s coastal city.

  • Kizingo; if you are thinking of relocating to Mombasa, Kizingo is the only place that can provide you the best of both worlds. This residential neighborhood in Nairobi is a hidden treasure that combines Runda’s elegance with Kilmani’s convenience and it is very safe. Kizingo which is situated in Mombasa’s mainland, is only a short distance from the island. Beautiful views of the port, the lighthouse and the ocean surround it.  Along with other government buildings like the Mombasa Law Courts, it also houses Mombasa’s immigration office. State House Mombasa. As a result you may play a round of golf at the Mombasa Golf Course or take a leisurely stroll along Mama Ngina Drive, a historic park that stretches along the shoreline. The region is also very secure.

Between Kaunda Avenue and Mama Ngina Drive are housing developments and residential communities. You may be sure to find a choice of luxury rentals in Kizingo that meet your needs and preferences from Marshal Heights Apartments and Zobra Apartments to the lovely mansions along Hatimy Talyani Road and Davide Kayanda Road. Kizingo is also a centre for culture, entertainment and education. Here you will discover some of Mombasa’s top educational insitutions including Star of the Sea, Coast Girls High School, Several of Mombasa’s most prominent private institutions including Mombasa Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, and Pandya Memorial Hospital are all conveniently close by.

  • Mikindani; in contrast to all the other neighborhoods, in Mombasa where you might relocate, Mikindani provides the ideal blend of luxurious living without going over budget. It is a hidden gem that faces Tudor Creek and is an estate tucked away along the bustling Mombasa-Nairobi route, which in and of itself gives beautiful views of the Mombasa Island. This is especially true in neighborhoods facing the stream where residences are not crowded together. Here you can discover enough room to construct your own home or to temporarily rent an apartment.

The estate is a great place to start exploring the local locations including, Nyali, Bamburi, Shanzu, Mtwapa and Diani. This is possibly the nicest thing about Mikindani. Thanks to Mikindani’s advantageous location along the highway, you may easily reach any sports leisure activities you enjoy.

 Therefore, Mikindani estate could be your beginning point if you’re seeking for a community that is close to Mombasa City Centre and the beach and has everything a family requires.

  • Changamwe; Mombasa City’s most productive and vibrant neighborhoods is Changamwe. Some of the most inventive and significant businesses in the nation such as Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited and the Kipevu power-generating enterprise are based in Changamwe a city in the Centre of the region. However, there’s more! Akamba Handicraft in Changamwe, which offers everything from fresh produce to handcrafted goods and souvenirs, is a destination for both shopping and tourism. In addition, Changamwe is the ideal spot to call home because it is surrounded by gated communities luxury housing projects and refinery, Magongo and the Nairobi-Mombasa highways.

The luxurious residences in the neighborhood are surrounded by all the conveniences needed for affluent living including places for close dining, shopping and entertainment. You won’t have to travel far for the necessities because banks, fast foods restaurants and petrol stations are all close by.  A ray of Hope Academy, Kimbilio Academy, Brighton Academy and Magongo Primary school are just a few examples of the many top notch schools in the region. Secondary schools like St. Elizabeth, St. Charles Lwanga and Seaside Girls Academy are also available. Even better, Changamwe stable infrastructure and well-built roads make it a handy place to live in Mombasa with quick access to the rest of the city by buses, matatus and tuk tuks.

  • Bamburi; Another outstanding and lovely suburb you should take into account while moving to Mombasa is Bamburi. Bamburi, located on the Kenyan north coast and home to Bamburi cement, the largest cement mill in East Africa is gradually gaining popularity among the locals and tourists alike. There is truly something here for everyone from its opulent neighborhoods lining the Indian Ocean shoreline to its electoral, administrative and industrial projects.

The region is thriving with beautifully designed estates, first-rate infrastructure, dependable services and a wealth of leisure and recreational pursuits that will keep you occupied for years.

  In terms of accommodation, Bamburi offers a variety of choices. You’re likely to find the ideal fit. Whether you’re looking for a lavish mansion or a budget friendly studio apartment. There is no shortage of housing alternatives you might take into consideration when moving to Mombasa, including Vescon estate, Keen Green estate, Bamburi Parkside estate, Afro Estate and Chocolate city apartments.

  • Shanzu; one of the nicest neighborhoods in Mombasa to relocate to is, Shanzu. It is lovely with gorgeous beaches and opulent homes perfect for anyone looking for a dream house in the coastal region. It is also a popular choice among both residents and visitors. The region is close to other locations including Nyali, Bamburi and Mtwapa and it is situated along Mombasa’s North Coast. In addition to having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Shanzu also has a wide selection of stores, eateries and cafes. This suburb will appeal to families with children as well because it is a home to several well-known schools, including Shanzu teachers college and Shimo La Tewa High school among others.

   Apartments, Villas and houses are just a few of the several types of real estate available in Shanzu. La Mera Beach Apartments and many more are just a few examples. With swimming pools, spacious gardens and roomy living spaces, these contemporary and opulent homes provide you with all you need for a comfortable lifestyle. The Serena Beach Resort & Spa, Mombasa continental Resort, PrideInn Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa and Kilua beach Resort to just name a few.  

  • Mtwapa; if you want to experience the best of both worlds-the energy of the city and the tranquility of quiet neighborhood – Mtwapa is another excellent region to relocate/live in Mombasa. It is a dynamic and energetic neighborhood that has long been favored by wealthy Kenyans and expats. It offers the ideal respite from the hubbub of the city core while still being conveniently close by thanks to its laid-back vibe. Mtwapa has a range of lodging choices, including warm flats, opulent villas, lodges, motels and AirBnBs. You can choose anything that fits both your preferences and budget.

   You can rent a property in Norway Villas, Romi Villa Apartments or KMA Mtwapa Estate or you can buy your dream home in the Barani neighborhood. The Shamba Creek Residence, somewhere nearby Mtwapa Beach or anywhere else. However, there are additional locations throughout Mtwapa that you might want to take into account.

   The area in Mtwapa is also known for security with low crime rate, and a visible police station presence which combines with its peaceful and serene environment, makes it ideal for families and persons who enjoy a quiet and secure life.

  • Kibokoni; this estate is located in the south-east of Mombasa Island. The Asians and Arabs are the popular people residing in this estate. Fort Jesus is situated around this area.
  • Port Reitz; it is situated on the northwest side of Mombasa Island. The Moi International airport is located inside this place. It was also named after a lieutenant by the name J.J ritz.
  • Shanzu; On Mombasa’s North Coast, there is a thriving neighborhood called Shanzu. It is well recognized for its breathtaking beaches, exciting nightlife and opulent houses. Rich Kenyans and foreigners who wish to live near the beach and enjoy the ambiance frequently choose to dwell in Shanzu.
  • Kilifi; North of Mombasa is a little seaside town called Kilifi. It is renowned for its breathtaking serene surroundings and opulent residences. Rich Kenyans and foreigners who prefer to live in a calm and upscale setting frequently choose to dwell here.
  • Old Town; Mombasa’s Old Town, a historic district, is renowned for its colorful marketplaces, classic Swahili architecture and winding streets. Rich Kenyans who wish to live in a distinctive and culturally diverse setting frequently choose to dwell in old town as their primary residence.
  • Vipingo; On Mombasa’s North Coast lies a private neighborhood called Vipingo. It is renowned for its opulent residences, exclusive beach and top notch amenities. Rich Kenyans and foreigners who wish to live in a safe and exclusive neighborhood frequently choose to dwell in Vipingo.
  • Magongo; it is located on the north west of Mombasa Island – off Mombasa Nairobi road, this is one of the thriving estates in the area with lavish flats and houses.


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