List of Cooking Flour Manufacturers in Kenya


Here is a list of cooking flour companies in Kenya:

  • Mombasa Maize Millers

Contact; +254 722 205 212/+254 710 200 026

They have locations in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kitale and Nakuru. This company is among the biggest millers of maize and wheat in Kenya. Ndovu, Cosmo, Bahari and Swan are four specialized brands under which the company sells its maize flour.

  • Unga Limited

Location; Commercial Street, Industrial Area

Contact; 020 – 76 03062

This company produces the most popular sifted maize meal brand, jogoo which is well known in most Kenyan homes. It is unquestionably excellent and nourishing for the entire family and is milled from the best maize. Among its other brands are hodari and hostess.

  • Capwell Industries Limited

Location; thika

Contact; +254 736 237 000/ +254 724 237 000

This company began back in the year 1999. It is known to produce and manufacture high quality maize flour and wheat flour using advanced technology.

  • Giant Millers Limited

Location; Thika

Contact; +254 702 777 555

Under the trade name Canna Maize Mill, this Kenyan enterprise manufacturers, processes and distributes maize flour.

  • Alpha Grain Millers

Location; Embakasi

Contact; +254 706 445 444/+254 734 445 444

It is a milling company that has been producing flour under the Kifaru brand name for the last seven years.

  • Premier Flour Mills Limited

Location; Mogadishu Rd, Nairobi

Contact; +254 733 333 079

The Premier Flour Limited (PFML) produces hard, soft and specialty flours among other premium quality flour products and distributes them. All flour products are carefully packaged in polypropylene bags and clean, dry paper balers and distributed through recognized channels in Nairobi and a few provinces.

  • Joy Millers

Location; kerugoya

Contact; +254 723 730 539/+254 733 851 201

This company was started back in 2011, its famous brand is Raha premium Kavaragara maize flour.

  • Grain Industries Limited

Loaction; Shimanzi, Mombasa

Contact; +254 740 111 222

Their popular brand is Ajab Maize flour popularly known in Kenyan households. They are situated in Shimanzi Mombasa County on Beira rd.

  • Pembe Flour Mills Limited

Location; Industrial Area, Nairobi

Contact; +254 – 20551933/+254 700 114 444

This company is among the top milling businesses in Kenya producing well – known pembe maize flour, a household name known for consistently producing products of high quality.

  • United Millers

Location; Obote Rd, Industrial Area

Contact; +254 724 303 831/ +254 770 304 072

The business produces Jambo maize meal, a consistently high – quality flour that has been enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Kirinyaga Flour Mills Limited

Location; Nairobi

Contact; +254 712 475 566

This company deals with and produces children’s flour, expectant mothers flour, general adults and composite mix and special cases flour.

  • Nairobi Flour Mills

Location; Industrial area, Nairobi

Contact; +254 7110 731 268/+254 708 292 958

This company has existed for over 6 decades now. Under the brand name Jimbi, it produces maize meal of a huge scale.

  • Mama Millers

Location; Thika

Contact; +254 714 973 365

Their brand name for flour is mama maize meal which has recently become popular. This company is owned by one family.

  • Maycorn Maize Meal Company

Location; Thika, next to Orange House, Garissa Rd Makongeni

Contact; 020 8020002

This company manufactures flour under the brand name Maycorn Maize Meal.

  • Kitui Flour Mills Limited

Location; kayole spine Rd, nairobi

Contact; 0800 723 777

This company produces more than six different brands of wheat and maize flour. This company was established over 30yrs ago in the eastern sides of Kenya, but 12yrs ago they began specializing in maize milling business which has since become a success.


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