Richest estates in Kisumu


Here is a list of the richest estates in Kisumu:

  • Milimani estate

This estate, which is among the best in Kisumu, features bungalows and maisonettes with sizable compounds. It is a low-density residential region that is mostly connected to Kisumu’s powerful and wealthy.

  • Kenya RE

One of Kisumu’s best-kept neighborhoods, it boasts a comprehensive shopping center with practically all of the city’s establishments housed there. This estate is one of the safest in Kisumu because the majority of the compounds are gated. The Central Business District is a short distance from the estate. The cost of a matatu ride to the CBD is 20 shillings on the estate.

  • Migosi Estate

One of Kisumu’s most opulent estates is Migosi Estate. Migosi estate is a great place to buy a house because it is within ten minutes from the second-largest freshwater lake in the world. The Migosi Sub County Referral Hospital is a short drive from the estate. Additionally, it is well-served with first-rate social amenities, and security services are maintained in full operation. In Migosi Estate, a three-bedroom unit runs about Ksh 20,000,000.

  • Riat Hills

One of the finest opulent estates may be found in the lakeside city. Mansions and bungalows with well-kept lawns encircle the estate. It is primarily connected to prominent businessmen and politicians in Kisumu. Just before you reach Kibos neighborhood on the Kisumu Kakamega Road as you travel to Kakamega, is where the estate is situated.

  • Mayfair Estate

It is situated along Makasembo Road in Kisumu, next to Mayfair holdings limited in Kisumu. The neighborhood is known for its gated homes and security.

  • Nyalenda Eatate

Among the greatest estates in Kisumu to live in is Nyalenda Estate. The estate has a large population and provides affordable renting services. Living there with your family is fantastic. The best homes in this neighborhood should be sought after because the majority of homes are occupied. In addition to having tiny homes, Nyalenda also has enormous living spaces that will astound you. The good news is that it is affordable and reasonable to rent a home in those enormous complexes.

  • Polyview Estate

This Mansion is situated on a sizable plot of land that, prior to its renovation, served as a public cemetery in the 1980s. It is a middle-class neighborhood with contemporary multistory buildings that will charge you a reasonable rent.

  • Arina Estate

Arina is one of the greatest estates in Kisumu to reside in and has nice homes. Additionally, it is among the best places to stay in this town. One can get to the Kisumu CBD for as little as KSH 50 bob because to the accessibility of transportation services. Corona Market is also close by and can be reached on foot. Since Arina Estate was one of Kisumu’s first homes, it is covered by the national housing cooperation plan. The estate is a favorite with students because it is largely populated by lower and middle class people. Arina Estate has a large population due to the reasonable rent. The security is not that bad.

  • Mamboleo

On the Kisumu-Kakamega Road is a middle-class neighborhood. Other estates including Riat, Kibos, and Migosi are bordered by it. The Lake Basin Mall, one of the biggest malls in Western Kenya, is located in the estate and is home to a wide range of shops and services.

  • Lolwe Estate

Before property developers arrived to remodel the entire region with spectacular buildings, the estate was a desolate bush. A mere kilometer separates this middle-class neighborhood from the Central Business District. It is close to Kenya Re and the Migosi Estate.

  • Bandani Estate

The estate is situated a few kilometers from the financial district. The Kisumu International Airport is close to the estate. Rent is reasonable, therefore middle class residents can afford it.

  • Tom Mboya Estate

The Kisumu Kakamega Highway borders the estate, which is 200 meters from Kibuye Market. It is a wealthy estate made up primarily of high-edge houses and well-kept fences. The estate is linked to Kisumu’s powerful and wealthy.

  • Kanyakwarr Estate

It is located along the Kisumu-Nairobi Highway with many modern houses in the area.

  • Mountain-view Estate

Rich people prefer Mountain View Estate, one of Kisumu’s best estates for luxury living. The estate offers a tranquil atmosphere because of its distance from the core business sector. The estate is immaculately kept, with excellent security, electricity, and access to fresh air. However, the house is difficult to reach by public transit, which may be one of the explanations for its reputation as a wealthy man’s estate. All of the units have exquisite designs and elaborate features. An apartment in the estate with three bedrooms costs about Ksh.14,000,000.

  • Ridgepark Estate

In Kisumu, Ridgepark Estate is also among the best places to call home. You should go there because of the cool and strong security in the region.


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