Best International Schools in Kenya and their fee structures


Here is a list of best international schools in Kenya and their fee structure:

  1. Brookhurst international school

Brookhurst International School, a modern, multicultural, and values-based day and boarding school in Kenya, is tucked away in the center of Kajiado county. The vast campus at Brookhurst is home to well-equipped study centers, exciting extracurricular activities, and comfortable dorms. The schools provide students with the opportunity to enroll in local and international institutions by teaching the British national curriculum, which is approved by Cambridge and Edexcel. Brookhurst is one of the less expensive such facilities in Kenya, with an average annual price of KSh 435,000. Additionally, parents or guardians must pay a KSh 15,000 one-time enrollment fee, bringing the total first-year cost to KSh 450,000, which is still less than other schools in the same category.

  • Oshwal Academy

As the best affordable IGCSE school in Nairobi and Mombasa, Oshwal Academy is a product of the Oshwal community. The integrity, empathy, diversity, and teamwork are the school’s guiding principles. For pupils in years one and two, Oshwal Academy charges between KSh 91,000 and KSh 166,000 per term. Parents must also pay 10,000 Kenyan shillings (KSh) for admission, 15,000 KSh, and an extra 18,500 KSh for transportation.

  • Riara International School

The school encourages talent development by providing extracurricular activities including football, swimming, chorus, orchestra, and dance, among others. The tuition at Riara International School for grades one through six ranges between 133,080 and 138,080 Kenyan shillings per term. The remaining fees total Kshs 24500. You must pay Ksh 1250 per session if you want your child to receive private music instruction. It is one of the least expensive IGCSE schools in Nairobi thanks to the slightly lower tuition than other international schools in Kenya.

  • Rusinga School

One of Kenya’s IGCSE curriculum schools, Rusinga School, provides instruction to children at various learning stages. They charge students in grades one through eleven per term tuition ranging from KSh 180,000 to KSh 443,000. Parents must also pay transportation costs, which can range from Ksh 39,375 to Ksh 81,750 depending on where they live. You’ll need to fork over anything from 16,700 to 38,00 Kenyan Shillings (Ksh) for lunch. When a parent enrolls multiple children in the same school, Rusinga School will reduce the tuition by up to 30%.

  • The Aga Khan Academy

Almost no list of Kenya’s top IGCSE schools would be complete without mentioning The Aga Khan Academy. The school is multi-cultural, representing cultures from all over the world. A concerted attempt has also been made by the school to encourage a balance between academic, athletic, and cultural activities inside the institution. From the preschool through grades 10 and 11, the school is well-coordinated. For pupils to earn their IGCSE credential, the senior school incorporates the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus in grades 10 and 11. Fees for grade 7 through IBDP 2 at the Aga Khan Academy range from Ksh 241,800 to Ksh 477,750 every term.

  • Hillcrest international School

A set of schools called Hillcrest has a well-established reputation. It belongs to Kenya’s IGCSE boarding schools. Children between the ages of 18 months and 18 years old can get educational services at the school that are aligned with the British curriculum. The setting provided by the school is ideal for fostering respect among students and advancing their social, intellectual, and physical development. The boarding house is equipped to meet the needs of secondary and preparatory students. Depending on the student’s level, different fees apply. Hillcrest levies fees between Ksh. 275,000 to Ksh. 616,000 for each term for students in years 1 through 13.

  • Banda School

Along Magadi Road, in Langata, is Banda School. It is one of the international schools in Nairobi that offers students flexible boarding options. It offers students boarding alternatives such as daily boarding or full-week boarding. Banda College The national curriculum rules are followed by British curricula, giving pupils the necessary knowledge and chances to enroll in respectable universities overseas. The institution is divided into three divisions: junior and senior high schools. Pre-prep students are in grades one through six, junior students are in grades seven through nine, and seniors are in grades ten through thirteen. The amount of tuition charged at Banda School per term varies depending on the degree of study you are enrolled in and can reach KSh 614,000. Boarding charges are different.

  • Peponi School

About a kilometer away from the Thika superhighway lies Peponi School. On the basis of the British curriculum, the school provides educational services. They take pleasure in producing law-abiding, risk-takers, intelligent, and morally upright global citizens. The school provides a top-notch learning atmosphere that emphasizes the children’s gifts in addition to their academic abilities. The Peponi School is situated in Kenya’s Ruiru town. It offers versatile boarding options. For their children to spend the night in school, parents must pay Sh. 5000. However, if the request for spending the night at school comes from the school administration, there are no fees. Weekly boarders and day students pay Sh. 928,725 and KSh 696,675, respectively, while full boarders must pay KSh 983,400 every term. The caution deposit is 270,000 Kenyan shillings (Ksh) for Kenyans and 350,000 Ksh for foreigners. The admissions page of the official Peponi website provides access to the full pricing structure.

  • Braeside School

Braeside was established in 1994 and now serves more than fifty different nationalities in addition to the Kenyan populace. It is one of the IGCSE schools in Nairobi, Kenya, and is situated at Lavington off Muthangari Road. The school is divided into divisions that concentrate on particular requirements of children. Additionally, IGCSE certification is provided by Braeside School using the English and Welsh national curricula. Children between the ages of three and 18 may enroll in Braeside, one of Kenya’s IGCSE schools. AISA, the Association of International Schools in Africa, recently welcomed the institution. The annual tuition cost for grades one through six is KSh 751,500. Year 11 students must pay KSh 910,800 in tuition.

  1. Brookhouse international School

As a provider of top-notch education, Brookhouse International has established a solid reputation. Because of its attractive buildings, one can question whether Langata, a suburb of Nairobi County, is the ideal place for it. From three years old to nineteen years old, it admits pupils of all ages for entrance. It is one of the IGCSE schools in Nairobi, Kenya that provides boarding facilities to its foreign students and is open to both day scholars and students from beyond borders. The first and second years of this institution pay tuition each term in the amounts of Sh. 300,000 and Sh. 530,000, respectively. Year 11 students, on the other hand, can pay up to Ksh 1,060,000 per term.

  1. Greensteds International School

This international school is situated in Nakuru County 6km from Nakuru. Per term the school fees is ksh.1,010,000 .

  1. Peponi International School

Peponi School was founded in 1989 as an exclusive, autonomous, coed boarding school with a global student body preparing for 16+ (IGCSE) and 18+ (A) Levels Years globally recognized school-leaving examinations. One of the priciest schools in Kenya, full boarders pay Ksh 1,226,700 per term while day students pay Ksh 959,500.

  1. Gems Cambridge international School

Pre-kindergarten students at GEMS International School pay about KShs 551,204, while students in Grade 13 pay about KShs 1,640,343.46. In addition, Grade 13 students pay Ksh 547,554 a week for boarding.

  1. Braeburn School

An organization of schools in Kenya and Tanzania known as the Braeburn Group of International Schools provides high-quality instruction while adhering to the British curriculum. It began as a single school in 1979 and changed over time to grow into one of the biggest clusters of schools on the east coast of Africa. There are more than 3,600 students there, ranging in age from 2 to 18. Its nine sites are home to sixteen coed international schools, each of which offers IGCSE and GCE A-level courses to its pupils. The entire cost of the year 11 tuition is Sh 1,590,600. Visit the Braeburn School portal for a detailed fee schedule. Braeburn operates schools in Kenya’s largest cities, including Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nairobi.

  1. St. Andrews Turi

It is situated in Turi between Nakuru and Kericho County. The school fees here per term is ksh.995,500.


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