Mwenda Thuranira Biography


Here is the Biography of Mwenda Thuranira,one of the most successful businessmen in Kenya

Name;                  Mwenda Thuranira

Born;                     1977

Age;                        46yrs

Gender;               male

Wife;                    Vanessa Magiri

Children;             2

Profession;          Business Man

University;          Utalii College

Nationality;          Kenyan

Early Life and Education

Mwenda Thuranira is a known CEO of the Myspace Properties. Growing up Mwenda learned his entrepreneurial skills from his grandfather who was also an entrepreneur in Isiolo County, his grandpa would buy cows and pay the people he bought from at an agreed day/time. Mwenda attended both primary and secondary schools, however the names of the schools are not known to the public.


After his high school education, Mwenda received three invitation letters to join higher learning from Utalii College, Nairobi University and George Washington University in Georgia, USA.  Mwenda’s dad selected the Utalii College for him since the learning there was almost free of charge. However after sometime, he decided to pick George Washington to pursue business administration since hospitality was not of his interest.

At Utalii College Mwenda said he learned how to be courteous, especially when he was an intern for Air France in Nairobi. After the Airfrance shut down he decided to chase his American dream. He sold the items he had, refused to take the local jobs he was offered and sold the vehicle he owned and left Kenya in December 1999.

In the USA Mwenda secured his first job as a bellboy at a hotel located in Florida. Mwenda says he had a lot of time to spare. He tried to pursue flying and he secured a private license, however in his heart he felt real estate was what he preferred. He kept his bell job and explored ways on how he could bring his real estate to life.

Mwenda also took a construction job since this would allow him to understand the real estate dream that he wanted better. He started from the bottom as a construction worker but there were machines and the pay was good at least $500 a week. In America he also came across a house that needed re-invention but he did not have enough money. Mwenda spoke to his boss who agreed to renovate the house for him at a fee. He later sold the house at $42,000, this got him to be in real estate business officially. He later found partners that worked with him in key development projects.

Mwenda decided to return to Kenya in 2008/2009 when there was recession. He admitted to have lost some money in the process. In Kenya he had invested in Mombasa, Nairobi and Meru. He has experienced challenges however, with his determination Mwenda has emerged as a successful businessman in Kenya.

Personal Life

Mwenda is married to his wife Venessa Magiri and together they have two children.

Social Media Pages

Twitter; @mwendathuranira

Facebook; mwenda thuranira

Linkedin; mwenda thuranira


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