Health Benefits of Ukwaju or tamarind


Tamarind is a leguminous tree bearing edible fruits that’s indigenous to some parts of Kenya. The pulp of the young fruit is green and sour . As it ripens the juice pulp become paste-like and more sweet and some people in western India enjoy the fruit besides food.There are several health benefits of Ukwaju,one of them being to help in digestion.

Below are the full health benefits of Ukwaju:

– Natural remedy for cellulites

-Aids in digestion

-sliming agent

– Removes dark circles on the neck

-Promotes proper blood circulation in the body

-Beneficial in improving nerve function

– effective treatment for type 2 diabetes and helps to increase insulin secretion.

– cure all ulcer types and kills H-pylori

– Improve quality of sleep

– Improve mental clarity, mood and concentration and as well as increase IQ.

– Improve resistance to infections

– Protects you from diseases and extend your life span

– Natural skin hydrating and tonning properties

-Anti cancer properties

– Anti aging properties.


– Increase sexual potency and helps to detoxify kidney

– Treats diabetes effectively

– cure Brain tumors and helps to boost the brain

– cures fibroids and vaginal yeast infections

– effective treatment for arthritis

– Helps to cure elephantiasis .

USG::::::::::: Grind the seeds well and transform into a fine powder, add 2 tea spoon full in a glass of tamarind juice and drink it twice a day.


– Boosts CD4 counts

– Cure candida infection and kill gonorrhea virus

– Effective treatment of epilepsy

Cure cardiovascular diseases and helps to relieve symptom of stroke and angina pectoris.


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