Cost of constructing a Latrine in Kenya


The cost of constructing a latrine in Kenya ranges between Ksh 80,000 and Ksh 200,000 based on the size of the latrine, quality of materials and labour costs. A normal latrine has two or three doors, two doors for a latrine and one for a bathroom. If you are planning a latrine with three doors, you will spend approximately Ksh 120,000 to Ksh 150,000 to build it.

A latrine with just one door will cost Ksh 40,000 to Ksh 80,000.

To dig a latrine, you will spend Ksh 7,000 to Ksh 15,000 depending on how deep it is.Labor cost is Ksh 200 to Ksh 400 per ft.

Construction materials will cost Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 50,000 while roofing will consume Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 30,000.

Labour costs in total will be Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 30,000.

So,if you are planning to construct a latrine in Kenya, prepare to spend Ksh 80,000 to Ksh 200,000.

A latrine for schools where there are many doors will cost over Ksh 1 million to construct.Assuming there are 10 doors,the total cost will be Ksh 500,000.If there are 20 doors,the the cost will be over Ksh800,000.


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